Learn How To Prepare Your Data Centre For The Digital World

Learn How To Prepare Your Data Centre For The Digital World

Structure and function of data centres will need to undergo modernization so that the future of business enterprises is not compromised.

The digital economy will change the way companies related to markets and their target audiences. However, leading role to IT in business processes will require systemic changes at the rear of organizations. “The structure and function of data centers will have to be altered, or the business agility and competitive business force will be compromised,” says Gartner Firm.

The firm recognizes that the data processing infrastructure occupied important role in the technological ecosystem. But in spite of changes in energy technologies, cooling and construction, the basic functions remained similar over the years.

“Data centres are focused on high levels of availability and redundancy, well documented processes to manage change, traditional structures of supply and targeted organizational structures. This approach, however, is no longer appropriate to the digital world”, they says.

Given this reality, Gartner firm highlights five reasons why organizations need to develop a more adequate and modern strategy for DC structures:

1. Make the data center behave like a factory and a laboratory 

With the explosion in data volume, infrastructure will need to be prepared to work mountains of information with agility. Thus, the need to scale processing. At the other end, will need to have the ability to test new approaches without disrupting routines.

2. Manage the pressure on the data center to make it agile and innovative

The environment must be prepared to run traditional processes without losing the ability to house innovative technologies in the consultancy calls and bimodal approach to IT.

3. Manage different types of risk 

The data center will be the point where it will converge data of millions of devices. Traditionally, these environments focus on risk management associated with downtime, availability or holes in applications. The strategies for a digital world must be broader considering the ability to complete transactions and ensuring flawless cycle of services.

4. Make the data center part of a hybrid topology

In the coming years, more than half of IT investment will be made by the user areas. Funds channeled by executives of the business lines tends to consider hiring cloud server hosting. Make your infrastructure able to accommodate this context.

5. Embrace new technologies in a different way

Remember that business digitization will bring new technologies. It will therefore be necessary to expand the horizons beyond traditional resources that are currently used.


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