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Learn hacking ¦ good or bad?

Learn hacking ¦ good or bad?

Hacker the first inpression comes to our mind is the computer criminal sitting at some unkknown location and fetching or destrying our important data. Most people straightway start associating the term Hackers with computer criminals or people who cause harm to systems, release viruses and so on. In reality, that is not true at all!

Hackers are actually good, pleasant and extremely intelligent people, who by using their knowledge in a constructive manner help organizations to secure documents and company secrets, help the government to protect national documents of strategic importance and even sometimes help justice to meet its ends by ferreting out electronic evidence. Rather, these are the people who help to keep computer criminals on the run.

On the other hand, crackers are the real bad guys or the criminals who indulge in cyber crime, deface websites, release viruses, steal credit card numbers and create havoc on the Internet.

If everybody who uses the Internet understood its risks, if everybody who uses the Internet understood how the computer criminals work, if everybody who uses the Internet understood the tools and techniques already known to the bad guys, then the Internet would be a much safer place to be in. Wouldn’t Internet users be able to better protect their data and systems if they were more aware of how computer criminals work? If we are able to learn and understand how someone can break into our system, then wouldn’t we fix the loopholes even before the cracker strikes? All I want to say is that instead of being resentful and afraid of fire, it would be much better if we learn to live with fire. Let us fight fire with fire itself! We manufacture knives every single day. A knife in the hands of a murderer can take lives, but the same knife in the hands of a surgeon can save lives! So just because there is a risk of a knife being misused by murderers, that does not mean that we should stop manufacturing knives.

Thats why learn how to hack but do not missuse your talent.


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