Just Blog, Blogger (Tips to Start Blog)

Just Blog, Blogger (Tips to Start Blog)

A Blog is an online personal diary. Blog as we call it today is taken from the word weblog. We may say that blog is similar to a website which has blog entries, posts that appear in the reverse chronological order; the newer posts appear on the top followed by older posts.

A person who writes the blog is called a blogger, this act of writing a blog is known as blogging. The post on the blog must be updated on a regular basis but there are some bloggers who update the blog after a considerable interval of time. Such type bloggers are known as slow bloggers. This may be due to the time required for creation of quality content, personal life priorities or lethargic habit.

We humans have a habit of keeping record, whatever has happened to us during the day or some experiences that may be good or bitter; we often tend to write it down in our personal diaries. This writing in personal diaries was very popular couple of decades ago, but now with the changing technology we have taken this diary online which we now term as a blog.

So if we consider blog in this view it was existent even before the advent of internet in the form of chronicles, personal diaries or various other written forms which consisted of writings of our personal thoughts. In tech jargon today’s blog has originated from email lists, discussions forums and bulletin board systems example the Usnet, GEnie, BIX etc.

As we credit the modern blog to the people keeping an online record of their personal life they christened themselves as Journalists, diarists, Journalers or escribitionists etc. Justin Hall who was a student of Swarthmore College is considered to be as one of the early bloggers with blogging name Jerry Pournelle and blog named links.net. David Winer’s Scripting News (scripting.com) is known to be as one of the older running blogs.

Slashdot which is still prevalent among nerd techies was created by Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda in September 1997 and this blog today is owned by Dice Holdings Incorporation. Before the term blog came into use, certain early bloggers like The Misanthropic Bitch used “Zine” for referring to their online presence (1997). The first bloggers to be hired may possible be Steve Gibson on 08-Feb-1997. He was hired by Ritual Entertainment. Blogs gradually started to gain popularity the launch of the weblog tools during the year 1999 and it may be the reason.

On 17th December Jorn Barger coined the term Weblog. Peter Merholz simply for the sake of humor split the word weblog in to We blog his personal blog named Peterme.com (1999). About that time Evan Williams at Pyra Labs made use of the term “blog”.

Types of blogs

Personal Blog:

this is one of the most common type of blog, in this the blogger writes about the events or incidence happening in real life. It is like writing in your personal diary but online. This writing involves an emotional touch. Other than few blogs, most of these blogs may not be very popular among the masses but the blogger considers self to be one of the best writers.

Corporate and organizational blogs:

This kind of blog belongs to corporate companies and is used mainly for the business. It may be like an internal blog used among the employees to build the work culture of the company or it may be an external blog used for marketing and building public relationship of the company. Organizational blogs or club blogs may belong to clubs and are mostly used for providing information to the interested people and club members.


It is the practice of posting tiny pieces of content online that is digital. These might be in the form of links, text, pictures, short videos or various forms of media. Micro blogging due to its spontaneity, organic feel and portable communication has captured the imagination of people. It is used to keep in touch with one another. Business and corporate houses use micro blogging for commercial purpose. Celebs and politicians may Micro-blog for maintaining stardom and political gain respectively. Example: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and WeiBo.

Types of blog as genre

Different class, kind or category of blog based on their genre like political blogs, health blogs, hosting blogs, house blogs, gardening blogs. Niche blogs, education blogs, project blogs, music blogs, quizzing blogs, family blogs at times know as mom blogs, dream blogs, not an authentic type of blog known as splog used for the purpose of spamming. Music blogs and art blog are the most common type of blog. Travel blogs are also known as travelogs. Legal blogs (often referred to as a blawgs)

Types of blog by media

Media consists of the tools and instruments that are used to store and deliver the data/ information. This type of blog is dependent of the type of media that is used by the blog for communication. If it makes use of video then it is called as Vlog, If is comprises of photo then it is called as Photoblog. If it is made of sketch then it is called as sketchblog. If is consists link then it is known as link blogs. Blogs having mixture of the media and shorter post are known as tumblelogs.

Types of blog by device

Such types of blog are defined by the device which is used to compose the blog. The blog if is written using a mobile devices, Smartphone, Tablet computer, Phablet or PDA it may be referred as mobile blog. Wearable wireless webcam one of the early blog in which the person’s personal life is shown online usually done using a wearable computer or eye tap worn over the head and is connected to the website. This technique is known as sousveillance and it has been used as evidence in legal matters.

Reverse blog

Such type of blog is instead of a having single author is composed of many authors. There may be number of topics which are free and open for anyone to write. At times may have a limit to the number of comments to prevent it from being like the web forum. Some of the features may be a system of authorization to rate the comments, to track the action of user by the User login is made.

Enforcement of the content is done by grading the moderator and user. As the traditional single user blogs were losing it sheen the reverse blog came to origin. Reverse blog provided a mutual platform to bloggers where they may express their views on various topics of similar interest. The reverse blog is generally called as inverse blog.

Software for blogs


It is one of the most powerful platforms available for creating a blog or website. WordPress makes an easy online presence as it is an open source platform. This website was made open to people on 21 November 2005. Customization is possible for WordPress. A person who is new may find so many options tempting to select. WordPress offers a toolkit for creating an attractive website in short time.


It is a microblogging platform, blogging cum social media. It has strong community of users like Facebook and twitter and is easy to use others’ content to your account thus making it very popular among the younger generation. Tumblr supports the use of custom domain name and is easy to use even from a mobile and allows blog theme customization using its mobile apps. Good for people who seek something easy and quick.


It is a free platform that is easy to use and requires only a Gmail account to initiate proceeding. It is easy to customize new background and layouts in blogger. This platform is linked to Google AdSense also Feedburner and Google+ can be easily aligned. Blogger from the view point of frequent users does fall short in sophistication. Off Google user are not concerned as it is tied to Google. Less popular these days but still one of the first places online where people began writing.


Is a content management system and open source application which is easy and widely used to meet the needs of both small and big organization including personal blogs, corporate and government blogs, websites. Drupal is exceedingly customizable having several modules and extensions. Single or multi-user blog can be served well using Drupal core installation.


It is an open source platform for blogging that has advanced from its initial stages at kickstarter. It had set a modest aim of $25,000 but accomplished around 1100% increase. The users have showered praise for the elegance. The core-team behind this software wants to motivate bloggers with customization and a revolutionary dashboard. Renewed style and novel approach may also appeal the business corporates. It comes with a price and less tech savvy person may find it intricate.

Tips to write a good blog

Whether the content of a blog is good or not it depends on a reader’s or target audience viewpoint. But in general you may try these steps so that you have a map ahead of you before you can start proceedings.

  • » Decide on the area of interest and select the topic: have passion and select what you like, this is your platform you are the best judge of yourself. If you want to write about something you are not aware of then you must have great curiosity to know about it as that will keep you interested. Select the topic which you like and like the topic which you’ve selected.
  • » Collect information on the topic: The more information you have on the topic more justice you will be able to do with the topic selected. After you have the acquired material you may brainstorm about the topic. See if you have something new to provide or some useful piece of information that may be useful to the readers.
  • » Write on the selected topic: Have a road map of the way you are going to present the points or you may speak aloud the points that you are going to include. You may also narrate the flow of the writing or record your voice so that when you write you will not to miss out a single point that you wanted to include in the post.
  • » Read what you have written: After you have written about the topic you wanted to write, read the topic as if you are reading a book to a group of people seated in front of you by doing this you will be able find out if there are any typos, sentences framing errors, grammatical errors or whether the flow of the post needs to be changed etc.
  • » Use a journalistic method: Check whether you have written the post keeping in mind the journalistic method which provides important piece of information at the beginning part of the writing , you may also make use to the 5 W’s and 1 H method of the inverted pyramid.
5W and 1H method inverted pyramid
  • » Add value to your content and make it reader oriented: After you have edited the writing you may read it from the readers view point, whether it includes valuable information, do I enjoy reading it, is it easy to read, or it’s just an inconsiderate piece of writing, what are the take-away points of this post etc. Thus if you find the need to make changes then you may do so.
  • » Focus on design and long tailed key words: You may conduct keyword search by using Google keyword tool, doing too much of research only for key words and not paying any attention to the content is like being an “empty vessel that just makes noise”. Balance of good content and key words is needed. Long tailed key words are specific human searches for example “How to make a good hosting blog”.
  • » Select a title which is eye catchy and justified to the post: You may select a title that will grab the attention of the readers and will also be justified to the written content. A good justified and catchy title builds curiosity in the readers mind and increases chances of getting the reader to read entire post for what you have written.
  • » Preview your blog: After you have proofread the written content and checked it for its readership value you can now upload it to be previewed. An insight of the content that is written must be given by metadata, select the category which is apt to the written content, select tags as they are more specific than the categories and must be fitting with the written content, if you want you may use and excerpt which is an extract from the written content or use the metadata itself as the excerpt.
  • » Publish and be open to feed back: read the preview for the blog to be published, check it for the theme, visual appeal and structure. Make sure that you have involved the significant points that have to be included and also check if post does not look clumsy or the flow seems flawed. Blogger must be open to feedback from the readers and included the social network tabs to the blog post e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc. Once you have done the above step you may now publish the blog.

Blogger’ code of conduct

bloggers code of conduct - a list

Difference between a Blog and Website


  • » Blog has blog posts that are written by the blogger and has a specific order in which these blog posts are posted they may be mostly in reverse chronological listing. i.e. the newer posts appear at the top and older appear below.
  • » The content of the blog is updated regularly in the form of new posts.
  • » Blog is usually informal, informative and educating in nature.
  • » A reader who reads a post on the blog is welcomed to share their comments and feedback about the post.
  • » Regular blog readers may use RSS readers and thus subscribe to the blog content by receiving regular updates.
  • » The blog posts which are published have archives for date, metadata, categories and tags that are specific to the content.
  • » To create a blog the blogger must choose a software for blogging e.g. WordPress.
  • » All blogs can be said to be websites


  • » Websites may be anything on the internet that is in the form of web pages basically made of HTML and CSS.
  • » Content of the website is usually static in nature e.g. if it is a company website then the basic information of the company will be static
  • » A business website is formal, professional and consists of Home page, Products or Services tab, About us, Contact us etc.
  • » The home page usually displays the summarized contents that belong to different internal sections of the website.
  • » A portion of the website may be a blog but is not the only part of the website.
  • » Most of the business website like the hosting website includes a client testimonial and feed back page.
  • » The website if it is an ecommerce website then it may be integrated with a payment gateway for online shopping.
  • » All the companies today have their online presence in the form of their website.

The blog and the website are like two faces of the same coin and have different purpose and different outcomes. But basically both the blog and the website main function is to establish an online presence, increase exposure and strengthen the goodwill in case of business entity. If you know how to abridge the website and blog to function for your benefit then you will definitely see good results.

Thus from the early blogs that basically gave insights of the bloggers personal life to the company blogs that inform, educated and entertain. So if you think you have it in you to write a blog do not wait any longer go ahead just blog blogger.

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