Is Your Website Ready For The Future? Mobile Websites Are Gearing Up!

April 19, 2013 / Web Design and Development

As the internet evolves, the trend is shifting towards ensuring maximum convenience to the end users. This is the era where people all over the world have developed a liking towards iPhones, smart phones, tablets and other portable mobile devices for checking out their favorite websites, downloading files, playing games and doing many other things that were once limited to a desktop computer.

As the daily schedules get more hectic, time consuming and demanding; checking out the preferred website on a mobile device has become a common phenomenon for people all over the world.

Most of the business owners have responded to this trend by creating mobile websites that are user-friendly, accessible and just as efficient as the regular websites. This is the start of the era of mobile phone dominance.

In 2013 and in the coming years, mobile phones are all set to create a great revolution; therefore, creating a mobile website will be a smart move for businesses related to every niche as of now.

Consider the use of smart phones all over the world:

average smart phone usage

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Why The Change Is So Important?

As of now, you are comfortable with the website that you have had since a long time and you might be still wondering if you really need to invest in a mobile website right now. Well, here are some convincing reasons for considering the creation of a mobile website seriously:

More And More People Are Going Mobile

Smart phones are no longer limited to high-powered business folks! People have started using smart phones irrespective of age groups and professions. Teenagers also use smart phones quite often. It is a fact that the smart phones have started outselling PC’s and laptops. This straightaway means that you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of tapping into the huge potential of smart phone and tablet phone users.

Many People Consider Searching On The Go

Let’s assume that you own a shop that sells flowers, bouquets and you are also into flower decoration for events. If anyone wants to send a bouquet to someone or if a wedding planner is looking for a vendor for flower decoration; considering the busy schedules, people would certainly prefer finding options through their smart phones as this can be done while travelling, or having coffee or maybe in the short break from work. You need to make sure that your website is available on the mobile searches otherwise you are losing out on a lot of business.

Mobile Websites Are Easier Than Apps

It’s true that people love apps; however, developing an app is a more complicated process as compared to simply creating a mobile website. Also, if you consider developing an app; you will have to create one for Android, Apple, BlackBerry markets as well. Creating a mobile website is a one-time process; once you have set up the mobile website, the potential users can find you through search engines like Google or Yahoo and for accessing the information they will not have to wait for any time consuming download process that has to be done in the case of mobile apps.

Mobile Websites Are Set To Become More Popular

The era of mobile websites has started and it is only going to get enhanced in the coming years. So why shouldn’t you become a part of this great revolution? Old technology will never completely disappear, however it is important to understand the new technology, become a part of it and make it work for your advantage.

Essential Guidelines For Establishing A Mobile Friendly Website:

If you are completely convinced about going mobile, your next step would be approaching a mobile website provider. Consider these important aspects for setting up a great mobile website:

Consider Simplification

Mobile websites are considerably different as compared to the regular websites. If you have very little information and less number of web pages in your website, then you don’t have to worry. In case of the other websites, make sure that you are cutting down on the graphics, text and menus that have an effect on the overall look of the mobile website.

Ensure that the website is easy to navigate and all the content is clearly visible on a small screen. Get the mobile website perfectly optimized for the mobile phone users so that they can find what they are looking for right away.

Limit The Scrolling To One Direction

In case of a mobile website, make it simple for the users by making sure that they don’t have to scroll in many directions. It’s annoying for the users when they have to scroll up, down and sideways for searching for the option that they are looking for.

Avoid Pop Ups If Possible

Avoiding pop ups and windows for a mobile website is good as the browsing convenience and overall experience might get hampered because of them.

Easy Navigation

This goes without saying. Make the important links clearly visible on the mobile website and make the navigation easier. The links / buttons should be ‘clickable’ and they should not be placed too close to each other. Also, consider providing the home page button on the connected pages so that the users don’t have to go back if they have navigated into two or more pages.

Restrict The Use Of Images

Everyone knows that images are great for marketing and enticing the users to the website. This is surely true; however, when it comes to the mobile websites, best practice is to use few relevant images along with the logo. The main motive of the user while viewing a mobile page is getting the necessary information rather than admiring the graphics of the page.

Link To The Regular Website

Last but not the least, don’t forget to link to the main website. If a user has checked your mobile website but would like to read the complete information at leisure through a tablet or a desktop, it is important to provide a link to the regular website.

A successful business is one that keeps up with the changing times and trends. A mobile website will pass on a message that you keep the pace with the modern technology. So, good luck with your mobile website!

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