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Is Google AdWords an effective form of advertising?

Is Google AdWords an effective form of advertising?

Google AdWords is used by millions of businesses, but does it work for every business? The simple answer is no. In some cases, this can be because your competitors

are able to offer a high pay-click rate to Google, perhaps depending on the products they are selling, the kind of search terms they’re listed on and what the ratio is from a click to a sale. Certain search terms will work better than others, however it also depends on what your business or web site is and what kind of audience you’re targeting.

But it’s not just a question of as to whether Google AdWords is beneficial.

Your website will also have an important role to play in order to convince a visitor to buy a product on your web site. If the design and user interface looks cheap, consumers may press the back button and choose a different search result from the listings, so you need to first give a good presentation to the consumer. Unfortunately, web design is an important attribute because it will affect your visitor’s perception of your web site and business – and the initial impressions of your web site are important.

How about the content?

The content is also important. Visitors that are interested in your products and services will likely be reading many areas of your company web site – products page, about us, contact us and as well as the company forums. So it is important that you ensure the content is perfect – it explains what your company is, what it does, why your company is in business and explain the products and services you offer (for example, on the products and services page(s) of your company web site). Many consumers do not like sensational marketing statements so my opinion would be to avoid doing this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use an upbeat tone; for example on the pages where your products or services are listed.

User experience using your web site.

User experience is also very important. How easy is it to navigate around your company web site? How easy is it to find information? Have you got a search function on your company web site for customers to be able to quickly search for what they’re looking for?

As well as that, user experience is about making an enjoyable browsing experience. If you have roll-over menus or overlay boxes and so forth, consider what the end user would do – how they would use each important function of your site, and adapt the way it works so it works the way the user expects. If it’s a menu bar, perhaps make the menu bar not disappear after they have hovered out of a menu on your web site for a second or two, just in case the end user had accidentally moved their cursor away from the menu item on accident. These are all good attributes to end user experience, and will lead to more sales. Believe it or not, aesthetics and experience are just as important as the technology.

Going back to Google AdWords.

Not everyone will look at, or take into consideration, the advertisements that are displayed at the top and right-side of search results. My belief is that technical-savvy people would generally not click on advertisements in search results and will focus more on the natural search listings that have been algorithmically determined by Google (or what ever other search engine the user is using – Bing is becoming a pretty good search engine; Microsoft are continually improving its algorithm and relevancy).

So in some scenarios, you need to think “what audience am I targeting?”

Title and description of your advertisement.

Your description and title needs to catch the user and be descriptive. It needs to stand out. In the title, also include your company name for brand recognition and to differentiate your advertisement from other similar advertisements.

There are free ways to advertise your site and increase exposure.

There’s great social media sites including StumbleUpon and Digg in order to increase exposure of your web site – as well as social communication tools which are great as an opportunity from a marketing perspective – the obvious ones are Twitter and Facebook.

Read our article on using StumbleUpon and Digg to increase exposure of your online business, web site or blog.


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