Installing mod_throttle

Installing mod_throttle

The Apache module is intended to reduce the load on your server & bandwidth generated by virtual hosts, directories, locations, or users according to supported polices that decide when to delay or refuse requests. Also mod_throttle can track and throttle incoming connections by IP address or by authenticated remote user.

Every request go though 4 levels of throttling

  • Client’s IP address
  • Remote username
  • Local user ID
  • Directory/Server/Location

In order to install mod_throttle on the server, please login into your SSH with root login,

1) Please go to the directory

cd /usr/src


tar -zxvf mod_throttle312.tgz

2) Go to the directory

cd mod_throttle-3.1.2

3) Edit the file as

vi Makefile

And change it to read:


Save the file and

4) Run following commands in order to install it


make install

5) Restart apache service on the server.

6) In order to check the throttling for any domain you will have to insert a ThrottlePolicy and output location as Location /output in it’s Virtual host entry, just before the line .

And you can check results or output at http://domainname/output.

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