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Installing mod_throttle….

Installing mod_throttle….

The Apache module is intended to reduce the load on your server & bandwidth generated by virtual hosts, directories, locations, or users according to supported polices that decide when to delay or refuse requests. Also mod_throttle can track and throttle incoming connections by IP address or by authenticated remote user.

Every request go though 4 levels of throttling

– Client’s IP address

– Remote username

– Local user ID

– Directory/Server/Location

In order to install mod_throttle on the server, please login into your SSH with root login,

1) Please go to the directory

– cd /usr/src

– wget

– tar -zxvf mod_throttle312.tgz

2) Go to the directory

– cd mod_throttle-3.1.2

3) Edit the file as

– vi Makefile

And change it to read:


Save the file and

4) Run following commands in order to install it

– make

– make install

5) Restart apache service on the server.

6) In order to check the throttling for any domain you will have to insert a ThrottlePolicy and output location as” Location /output ” in it’s Virtual host entry, just before the line .

And you can check results or output at — http://domainname/output.


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