Informative Insight on The Utilities of The Plesk Control Panel

Informative Insight on The Utilities of The Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is one of the most impressive web hosting control panels developed by SWsoft in order to provide higher efficiency to your hosting environment. It is usually coupled with shared Windows hosting plans for free and it is also available as an option for extra cost with any other hosting packages provided by professional hosting service providers.

Plesk control panel has an amazing Graphical web based interface control panel that has the capacity to configure the most common hosting features. Plesk also enables a server administrator to set up new websites, email accounts, and DNS entries buy using a web based interface.

With the use of Plesk, it is possible for any system administrator even with limited knowledge of the server operating system to perform the basic operations without logging into the command prompt; this makes your work much more easier and faster.

With the Plesk control panel any administrator can also create client and site templates that will predetermine all resource allocation for all the domains and clients. This will enable you to have Plesk for both, Windows and Linux operating system.

Plesk for Linux is the best source for managing the hosting environment if several POSIX platforms such as Red Hat Linux/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, SUSE, FreeBSD and Mac OS X are used. Also Plesk for Windows makes it very easy for you to manage your hosting accounts; it can be efficiently operated using the Windows operating system as well.

Plesk for Linux also supports custom versions and manages versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Whereas Plesk for Windows will monitor and manage Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine, Tomcat Java server, ColdFusion server etc.

The Plesk control panel has a very clean interface, this makes it a complete user friendly application. Automation is provided at various levels. Moreover Plesk offers a high level of security by using the HTTPS protocol. As a result of the reasons mentioned above, Plesk is considered much more stable than the other control panels.

Another very impressive advantage and utility of Plesk is that it lets you move accounts from other control panels conveniently. All the Plesk benefits and utilities mentioned above make the Plesk control panel one of the most efficient control panels.


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