Informative Guide on Migrating Your Website to New Web Host

Informative Guide on Migrating Your Website to New Web Host

You might be considering changing the website hosting company due to some crucial factors. Many important factors have to be considered before and during this process in order to safeguard your website data and any other critical information.

For whatever reason you are moving your website, it might interest you to know that the procedure of migrating your website does not have to be too complex and instead, all you need is some detailed information and a few simple steps.

Here is complete information on migrating your website to another web host without loosing any critical information.

The following steps are essential for transferring a website to another web host

New Website Hosting Provider

There might be some reasons why you have decided to migrate your website to another web host so initially it is essential to list all those factors that you want in the new web host. This will make it easier for you to search for a new web host.

Make sure to perform a through research about the website hosting companies and shortlist them in accordance with your criteria. The most important factor being 24/7 technical support for taking care of any issue at any time. Talk to the website hosting company that you shortlist, online chat would be the best way to do this.

Talk to them about what kind of support is provided, and you can also talk about the web hosting plan that you are looking for in detail. If there any specific requirements of your website, for instance if it is a eCommerce website; you can talk about the shopping cart details or online payment methods provided.


You will have to take the back up of your existing website files, content, database, images or any script before starting the process of website migration. Backing up a website can benefit the website owner if anything goes wrong during the migration process.

This is the most crucial factor for migration. It is not just essential to backup everything, it is also important to name all your folders wisely so that you wont loose a track of anything that you store.

Preferably you can use a FTP program for backing up or transferring the files from your hosting account to your computer. You will come across free and feature-rich FTP program that will enable you to transfer your files efficiently.

Domain Name Transfer

Transferring the domain name is also extremely essential for migrating your website. Your new website hosting company will surely guide you with the domain transfer process. Generally the following steps will be involved in the domain name transfer:

When you transfer a domain name to Webhosting UK, the following domain name transfer process will have to be followed:

Step 1: User adds the domains that needs to be transferred and completes the checkout process

Step 2: In case EPP Key (Authorization Key) is required, then an email with along with the EPP request is sent (if applicable to the domain name extension that you are using)

Step 3 : In case Step 2 is successfully completed or not required, then the domain name will be submitted for transfer

Step 4: An email containing a link is sent to ‘Administrator Email’ for the domain

Step 5: If the user clicks on the link and approves the transfer, the domain name is transferred to Webhosting UK

Step 6: If the domain named is ‘locked’ at the losing registrar, the registrar lock should be removed before proceeding with the transfer. An email notification is sent in case this lock has to be removed.

Step 7: When the domain is unlocked, the domain name transfer is successfully completed.

Note: If it is a .uk domain than the IPS Tag will have to be changed

Webhosting UK enables you to transfer any number of domain names to our registry and host them on any of our web hosting packages.

The transfer fees would depend on the kind of domain name extension you select. Webhosting UK will initiate the transfer request for your domain in order to get it transferred to Webhosting UK on completion of the prescribed procedure.

Uploading The Website Files

During the domain name transfer process, you can proceed for uploading the files to the new website hosting company. Preferably this can be done before the domain name transfer, so that your website is ready even before the transfer.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the best way to perform the function of uploading the website files. For transferring the files, you will have to download and install the FTP manager on your computer.

Note : The client can change the DNS so that it points to the server.

Monitoring The New Website

Once the process of transferring the domain name is completed, the entire process is almost complete. However it is essential to check the website in order to make sure that it is moved efficiently.

It is essential to check if all the website pages are loading correctly, moreover it is also essential to check of all the scripts, services and applications are functioning properly.

You must make a note of the following aspects:

* As a general thumb rule, you can leave your old website up and running for an additional four weeks before you permanently shut it down, the email forwarding and web pointing services should also be working

* FTP utilities are extremely useful when it comes to downloading all of your files from your web host into your computer

* Talk to the new website hosting company about what kind of control panel is provided and how it functions

* Transferring your domain is a big thing, therefore consider moving your files in series and place more emphasis on being organized, rather than being quick; this would be beneficial for you

* In order to verify that your domain name has been successfully transferred, run a Domain Name Search such as and check if the details of your previous host are now replaced with details of your new host

* You might see small changes in the appearance of the website whenever they are transferred because the original files were not completely transferred from one provider to the other. You must be prepared to add and delete some codes or scripts to correct the changes


* It is essential to intimate your customers in advance that you are moving your website, especially when your website experiences downtime during the change in DNS

* It may seem redundant, but backing up all your files is a better option than finding out that all of your work is gone. Therefore taking the backup a website is extremely process before you start the transferring process

* Never make a DNS change until you are absolutely sure that your site is bug-free.

On following the procedure mentioned above, you will have completed the website migration process. Once the migration procedure is complete, the website will be up and running in sometime.

Website migration is not a very complicated procedure, if you think that this step is essential and its time to migrate your website to a new website hosting company, this can be done in a short span of time.


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