Information on the YaBB Forums Software

Information on the YaBB Forums Software

The YaBB forums software enables you to communicate with neighbors, friends, communities, classmates, fellow club members, or just others with the same interests. With the YaBB forum software the users can setup and control a “bulletin board” that can enhance the importance of your website it can also stand alone as a website and communication tool.

The best feature about YaBB is that it provides with real-time chat and support system for your visitors; this helps in making your business more powerful. People can talk directly with the chat programs. With YaBB, you can communicate at any time and whoever you want can join the communication.

You can easily create a community with YaBB forums and thereby you can keep the visitors in interested in your website as they can keep coming back for interesting discussions. Through YaBB you can make your website more interesting by making it more interactive.

Main features of YaBB forums include the following:

  • Notification of the instant messages
  • Complete stats including new members, total members, total posts
  • User/Moderator authority to delete or modify posts
  • Option to receive the notification of the replies
  • Forum post search
  • Full member lists
  • Online help for the users and admins
  • Full profile options, including signature and personal information
  • Ability to add ICQ, AIM, YIM, MSN, Google Talk, Skype/VoIP, MySpace, FaceBook and website URL
  • Full administration and moderating options

YaBB forum software offers a wide range of features apart from the ones mentioned above in order to make the website more interactive and thereby more efficient. The YaBB software is fully customizable therefore it suits your preferences in the best possible way.

Moreover there is enhanced security offered in order to safeguard the forums and maintain the quality. The YaBB forum software is offered with the website hosting plans so that you can make your website more interactive along with ensuring the speed, uptime and smooth functioning of the website.


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