Information on Selecting The Most Appropriate Magento Hosting Service

August 2, 2011 / eCommerce

Magento has become very popular as it offers the best of eCommerce solutions; it is the most suitable hosting platform for the people who would like to create their own online stores. Magento offers with great features that enable you to increase the profitability of your online business website by promoting it in the major search engines.

Magento hosting is provided by many web hosts; however in order to get the complete benefits of this powerful platform it is essential to select the right Magento host. The decision of signing with any Magento host can determine the success of your business website.

In terms of Magento hosting, eCommerce hosting or any other form of web hosting, any web host would seem to be the same at the first glance; however it is crucial to gain an insight on what exactly the Magento host has to offer. There are three key elements that must be taken care of before deciding on the Magento host; they are mentioned below.


Security is the most crucial aspect for any business website. If valuable financial information like credit card numbers and personal contacts, is stored on your website, security becomes a crucial factor to be taken care of. No business can afford to risk the devastating effects of compromising on such data.

Magento hosting comprises of private, virtual partitions of the server. Magento hosting also comprises of SSL certificates that ensures the safety of the critical data on your website. The user can either opt for a shared SSL or a dedicated SSL. The customers/visitors are comfortable shopping online with a website that has HTTPS in the URL as then it is indicated that the website has an SSL certificate installed and the online transactions will be safe.

This also enhances customer trust in your website. Getting a dedicated SSL is always preferable as it shows that the SSL Certificate is in your company name and dedicated to your website. SSL is basically a protocol which is responsible for transmitting private documents through the internet in a secured way.

SSL certificate mandatory for any eCommerce website as it ensures the safety of the confidential information like credit card numbers and bank account information provided by the customers.


It is very important to find a genuine website hosting company as the availability and functioning of your website is dependent on the resources provided by the Magento host. The Magento host must provide with efficient server monitoring and load balancing along with the other attributes in the hosting plan.

The Magento host should be capable enough to meet the unique web hosting support demands of your Magento shopping cart. Before signing up for Magento hosting, you must check for how long the company has been in business and what kind of solution they can provide.

The Magento host must be aware of the Magento applications thoroughly so that any issue with your shopping cart can be taken care of right away. Preferably you must opt for a Magento host who offers a 24/7 technical support.


Performance tuning is the most important aspect of a Magento hosted website and this is a very important factor that cannot be overlooked. The studies have repeatedly proved that users gravitate drastically towards the faster websites.

This is a fact! Internet is one of the most competitive places to sell your products with most of the business going online. Imagine a scenario where two shopping carts have the same products, but one of them is just 10% faster, which one would you prefer?

This trend has become so prominent that Google has taken to penalizing slower websites in terms of the search engine results. Although Magento is a very efficient form of web hosting, optimum performance cannot be ensured unless the Magento hosting environment is tuned for Magento in order to ensure overall performance.

While Magento is a very powerful hosting platform the benefits that can be derived from this platform also depends on the features provided by Magento host. You must also make sure if the Magento host offers with multi-store management; this is a highly essential feature for any global business.

This feature will enable you to manage multiple stores for the same product, at different price and at different locations. The Magento host must provide you with suitable resources for enuring customer satisfaction with just a few clicks. If you consider the factors mentioned above, Magento hosting can prove to be a complete value for money.

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