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Infographics! Is It Really A Valuable Alternative To Textual Content?

Infographics! Is It Really A Valuable Alternative To Textual Content?

Creating Infographics


It’s rightly stated that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. While it’s true that authoritative and informative content makes a huge difference, it is also true that the way in which the content is presented is a powerful medium of influencing people and creating a special place in their minds. Lately, we see many infographics coming up. Infographics feature a wonderful visual representation of information and research through the use of colors, typography and graphics in such a way that results in easy understanding. By nature, humans are visual learners. Studies have shown that our mind can retain 80% of the information that is presented visually.

When data is illustrated in such a way, it not just assists the general comprehension of the reader but it also helps in creating a great overall impact. With a growth in infographic presentations, the prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit have introduced the ability to share them with the like-minded people. The viral nature of these images constitutes an extremely effective marketing tool that works well for establishing a great web presence. In today’s world where there is an abundance of information everywhere, it has become crucial to transform the information and feature it in such a way that is more readable and appealing to the eyes.

Do bloggers and website owners need infographics?

Infographics work very well for the bloggers and the website owners as well. They are visually attractive and capable of communicating an idea or concept without compelling the audience for going through large amounts of content. By adding infographics to a blog or a website, even complicated data can be presented in a way that facilitates easy understanding and thereby it can be easily shared.

Understanding infographics before you take the plunge

In order to avoid any kind of delays and mess in your project, it is important to start from scratch and understand the purpose of infographic creation. For this, answer some basic questions for yourself:

Who are your target audience?

What type of response you are expecting?

What is your infographic going to feature?

What should be the format, theme, color and look that is a perfect suit to your message?

Once you have answered the questions mentioned above, you will be clear in terms of creating the infographic. Now, the only task left would be of presenting your data visually. For this, you will have to collate the necessary information with impressive images.

How do you go about creating infographics?

Initially, you can do a little research online. Have a look at the best infographics of 2011 and 2012, check out the infographics featured in Pinterest as well. This will give you a good idea about the level of infographics out there. Once you develop an understanding of how infographics work, you will notice that anyone can create them within a short span of time. For this, you might need some help with Clip Art and the knowledge of working with PhotoShop and PowerPoint. The primary benefits of creating infographics include creation of inbound links and increasing the potential of your posts so that they can be shared with a wide range of people within a short span of time. The special advantage of infographics to the ecommerce websites is that they can feature the product benefits through visual infographic presentations.

Here is an infographic about infographics

infographic about infographics


Why should you use infographics?

Apart from the fact that infographics present with an extra ordinary way of presenting the information, there are various other reasons why you must include them in content:

Increasing Stick Rates

As of now, there is a heavy emphasis on stick rates. Stick rate is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. If the visitors are spending a lot of time on your website, or atleast if they are intrigued enough to stay; it improves the stick rate. Good stick rates tell the search engine that your website is good enough and is liked by the visitors. Publishing informative infographics is the best way of going about this.

Infographics Are Viral By Nature

Planning to create a link bait piece? Want to create high quality content? Creating good infographics is the answer for both these questions. Put some thought into creating great infographics that will help in presenting the information in a more readable way and your website will be rewarded with great incoming traffic. Also, when you post an infographic make sure that you include social media sharing buttons. If people like the information presented, the infographic will go viral within no time.

Multiple Links

When it comes to getting backlinks from the content, guest blogging and article submissions are popular tactics used by the website owners. However the most important aspect is that the content must be unique as duplicate content does not serve any purpose. This does not apply to infographics. It does not matter even if the infographic is posted anywhere else. If a blog owner has to put up your infographic then all he needs to check is how it will provide with value to the readers. As a result, if you have created a worthwhile infographic, it might be posted several times thereby promoting you as an authority in your niche.

Short Attention Spans

With the all time busy scenario of the modern life, people usually have short attention spans. This is determined by the fact that most of the people will leave a website or they might decide to continue exploring it within the first 5 seconds of seeing the home page. As website owners have little time to convince people to stick around, using infographics on the website is the best way of creating a great first impression.

Dealing With Information Overload

There is lot of information being circulated all over the world, as a result people experience information overload. Moreover, as the use of smart phones and tablets increase, people are constantly into the process of sharing, receiving, analyzing and creating new information and because of this, increasing the attention span of the people towards your content is very important. Instead of publishing just plain content, a compelling visualization of data will surely help in creating a great impression.

People Love Sharing Infographics

The visual nature of human beings is depicted by just how much people like infographics and visual data contents. If people come across visually attractive and easy to digest content, they are surely going to choose that over the other forms of content that require long time spans to read and understand. This type of content has better prospects of getting shared and going viral.

Creating A Visual Appeal

Websites, media channels and television broadcasts make the use of infographics for making the news / information more appealing to the people. The business owners can make use of this platform for organizing detailed information and highlighting the important facts. User experience can be stimulated with the use of exciting and informative infographics. Moreover, there are many websites that are solely dedicated to publishing and sharing infographics, even the prominent social networking platforms are soon adopting this trend.

Visual interpretation of data has a better capacity of facilitating reader’s understanding as compared to the written words. Infographics can be shared quickly and they help in creating a brand presence, if they are synchronized with the SEO campaign, you can expect better results. An infographic is a great and inexpensive way of adding a little excitement to the usual content. If you want to make your blog or website more interesting, create a stylish and efficient infographic that makes your website stand strong.


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