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Industries To Gain Benefits From Cloud Technology From 2012 And Over

Industries To Gain Benefits From Cloud Technology From 2012 And Over

Cloud computing, cloud technology, cloud web hosting, cloud hosting and computing

Cloud technology has come a long way and now it has become a pristine reality that is accepted and implemented by an ever increasing number of business organizations. An upward trend is seen in cloud implementation, the main reason behind this is the improvisation in the cloud hosting platform. While the cloud computing concept has brought about a revolution in the business industries; it has also created a profound impact on the way businesses are managed. Apart from the technological advances, cloud computing is also beneficial in terms of bringing about business automation; with cloud technology, the files stored on your personal PC can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Although there is more scope for innovation in the cloud technology, there are various reports and success stories about cloud adoption and integration in the media world. Every type of business can benefit from cloud technology however the usage differs in accordance with the respective business models.

Here is an insight on the topmost industries that has and will further gain major benefits from the cloud hosting platform during the year 2012 and later.

Use of Cloud Computing and Hosting in the Education IndustryCloud computing, cloud technology, cloud web hosting, cloud hosting and computing

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that the education industry has never seen any drop rather has always displayed an upward; it is one of the most successful industries in almost every country. The cloud based tools and applications will enable the educational system to leverage the efficiency across the nations and will enable setting up state wise networks. With cloud adoption, the schooling authorities can create a setup where students will be able to attend the classes irrespective of the geographical location. Rather many universities from the developed countries have already started to offer virtual tuition to students located at distant places, which is one of the major milestones achieved in this era.

As the bundle of cloud applications widens, an improved collaboration will be possible between the team members that would further enhance knowledge sharing. People will be able to access the latest technologies at an affordable price; this will not just hold true for the educational institutions but top universities as well. Though this could be true only if a single network involving large, medium and small universities work in sync with each other. Irrespective of this fact, it would be vital to have a strong supporting backend IT infrastructure such as the cloud hosting and computing that ensures efficient functionality.

Use of Cloud Computing and Hosting in the Travel And Hospitality IndustryCloud computing, cloud technology, cloud web hosting, cloud hosting and computing

Cloud computing has the ability to provide profound support for the businesses operating in the travel and hospitality industry. The businesses in this industry have to cope up with a lot of challenges, with cloud technology business collaboration and automation is simplified thereby enabling higher efficiency. With cloud hosting services people will be able to simplify tasks like booking a flights, renting a car, finding a place to stay, booking restaurants and motels. With further improvisation on in cloud technology, people will also be able to record these transactions directly to the company’s payment systems; and the amazing thing is all this will be done without using paper! With cloud implementation, there will be no need for the consumers to engage with the airlines or hotel accommodations separately as everything will be a part of the same transaction. And with the revolutionary inventions such as Google Wallet and similar services, there’d soon be no need to carry a hard-copy proofs of reservations & bookings. Everything would be served through the handheld devices that’d be in constant sync with the Cloud platforms.

Use of Cloud Computing and Hosting in the Government SectorCloud computing, cloud technology, cloud web hosting, cloud hosting and computing

One of the prominent aspects generally associated with Government bureaucracy is large paper trails. Currently there is a trend where the Government establishments are making a fast move towards utilizing the cloud technology for safeguarding their networks and enabling faster transactions. Through the cloud technology, Governments can streamline all the operations and thereby save the taxpayer’s money by reducing energy consumption and bringing about transparency and better collaboration. As the cloud hosting providers put forward a perfect platform for managing the data along with a backup facility, the Government agencies can avoid any breaks in service in case of extreme weather conditions or network failures. The move to cloud technology will help the Government bodies with keeping the safety regulations in place while upgrading the Government agencies to the tech world where better services will be provided to the people.

Cloud Hosting and Computing for Manufacturing Industries

Cloud computing, cloud technology, cloud web hosting, cloud hosting and computing

It seems like manufacturers too are looking at cloud technology as the main catalyst for improvising on the IT productivity in the years ahead. Through cloud computing the manufacturing industry will be able to avoid various technical and business issues that might occur while running their projects. Affordability is also ensured as the manufacturers will only have to pay for the resources utilized, they will not have to pay any additional expenses due to the fact of the non-requirement of private data center setup. Through cloud computing the manufacturers can also implement large internet virtual server farms for facilitating better management of the business and manufacturing setup.

The cloud technology comprises of three core components:

* Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)

* Platform as a service (PAAS)

* Software as a service (SAAS)

With the use of these components, manufacturers will be able to establish a virtual presence from any location around the world, they will be able to connect plants to an IT infrastructure and they will also be able to find new business opportunities.

Benefits of Cloud Towards the Health IndustryCloud computing, cloud technology, cloud web hosting, cloud hosting and computing

Cloud services have the potential to substantially improve the wide spread and fragmented environment of the health industry that comprises of insurance companies, patients, laboratories, hospitals, physicians and so on. The benefits of cloud technology in the health industry are numerous. The most beneficial factor is that the cloud computing solutions facilitate higher quality of patient data that can be easily updated thereby clients can be provided with better lifestyle choices. The patients will be well informed and more active in selecting any particular course of treatment as a result of the prompt and efficient services provided by the hospitals.

Cloud Computing and Hosting Advantages for the Music IndustryCloud computing, cloud technology, cloud web hosting, cloud hosting and computing

Earlier streaming music was only possible through Pandora on a laptop or a desktop. However with the invention of Apple and Android technologies, people have started listening to music through the 3G networks as well. In the current scenario people can easily utilize any music service, select the songs they want and listen to them from anywhere in the world; all this is possible

as a result of cloud computing services. There has been a constant innovative trend in the music industries and with the support of the cloud technology; it has become easier for the musicians to reach to their audience worldwide. Therefore when it comes to the music industry, cloud technology is beneficial for both listeners [as they can listen to their favorite songs anywhere at any time] and for the musicians as well [as their compositions reach out to people through a fast and efficient medium]. One of the best examples of audio and video streaming run on a Cloud is YouTube by Google.

The small businesses and the startup businesses can also gain from the cloud platform. Even for a small business, operating from various locations becomes possible with the cloud technology. By utilizing cloud hosting, the rigid work schedules can be avoided as there is no need to store the files on a hard drive, thereby the files can be accessed from any location and at any time; this results in business automation at an affordable cost. Cloud hosting for small business plays an important role in reducing the energy costs as well, as the company is running on a simplified IT infrastructure that is easier to maintain and costs less.

With cloud computing, a business owner is at a better position to manage the uncertainties. As a result of the growing demand, business owners tend to over invest in the IT infrastructure and over a period of time this results in increasing the expenses and uncertainties in terms of maintenance of this kind of setup. The cloud hosting providers help the businesses in reducing the company’s reliance on the IT systems and this results in reduction of price and risks involved in the factors like security, backups, support and hardware. The business owner no more has the liability in procurement and management of IT equipments. With cloud technology business stands at a better position to embrace the growth opportunities without having to bear the uncertainties in terms of important capital outlays.


There is no doubt about the benefits provided by the cloud technology and seamless cloud applications, irrespective of the industry they are implemented for. However the main factor that the organizations/ institutions need to consider is selecting the right cloud hosting solutions that would enhance their business and prove to be a long term asset. More improvements lie ahead in time and a refined cloud technology would take shape, it’d be important for businesses to bring themselves in the mainstream of cloud computing evolution if they wish to experience a continual growth during the years to come.


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