Important Principles for An Efficient eCommerce Website

Important Principles for An Efficient eCommerce Website

If you are planning to establish an eCommerce website, every small detail has to be taken into consideration. Ease of shopping is the main reason why most of the people prefer shopping online. Every minute detail has to be considered for simplifying online shopping for the customers.

Only then maximum satisfaction can be guaranteed to the customers and the efficiency of the online transactions can be increased. Every eCommerce venture depends on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can be guaranteed only with a fast and efficient eCommerce website.

It is crucial to follow certain principles in order to increase the functionality and usability of your website so that the customers prefer your website everytime they think of online shopping, they are mentioned below:

Optimised Search

There might be thousands of websites who might be marketing the same product as yours. Therefore it is crucial to get the attention of the visitors as soon as they search for the respective keywords. Essentially you can use keywords on your web page for all the products and services offered.

This will help in terms of getting the keyword rankings higher. If the on-page optimization of the web pages is done appropriately, it will help the keywords to get a good ranking in the search engines and thereby it will be easier for the people to locate your website.

Moreover the online marketing strategies should also be followed properly in order to get the best results. The on-page optimization and the online marketing strategies both are equally important.


It is highly important to have an impressive eCommerce website. Your website must comprise of brilliant, impressive and sophisticated color schemes and presentations so that it creates a lasting impression on the customers. Along with good presentation, your website should also have a user friendly interface that enables easy navigation.

The website should be easy to use with good speed and faster check in and check out options. Moreover your contact information must be mentioned clearly to show that you are properly registered. This helps in terms of building customer trust.

Web Hosting

This is the most important aspect. The web hosting platform on which your eCommerce website is based, is responsible for the functioning of the website. The uptime and speed of your website must be guaranteed at all times even in the times of high traffic; this is the basic necessity of any website.

Therefore it is crucial to plan the web hosting requirements that your website will have and then you can invest in the right web platform accordingly. Make sure that the web host provides with 24/7 pro-active monitoring so that the smooth functioning of your online transactions is ensured.

Moreover it is preferable to get in an eCommerce hosting plan that will provide the best of resources. Preferably you can also opt for a hosting plan that comprises of the Magento content management system that will enable you to establish the perfect eCommerce website.

Shopping Cart and Online Payment Systems

Shopping cart is the main feature of any eCommerce website. Just like shopping in a physical store, the customers use the shopping cart to gather whatever they have shopped from your website and they will proceed for making the payment.

You can preferably display the shopping cart on the top right hand corner of the website so that it can be easily located by the customers. The shopping cart should also be accessible on every linked page where there is a possibility that the visitor will make a purchase. It is crucial that your eCommerce hosting plan provides with an efficient shopping cart software that is properly integrated with your website.

A good web host will also provide with the installation of the shopping cart. Similarly the major payment accounts like Paypal and Google checkout should also be supported in order to make online shopping and payment easier and convenient for the customers.

Product Detail Page

The product detail page is where most of the eCommerce websites fail. There is high emphasis on the design and usability of the home page and the same effort is not continued to the rest of the website. Any user spends most of the time on the product detail page than on any other page.

A product detail page must contain all the important information that a customer seeks however it has to be presented brilliantly. A very impressive trend implemented by most of the eCommerce websites is the “no-click” alternate images and swatches. In this kind of an image the user only has to roll over an image, without clicking on it in order to get the complete information.

The same strategy can be used to zoom the image. You can also include smart fields that remind the users that they still have to perform a required action before proceeding. If the information in the page detail enables the best understanding of the user and if it is presented impressively, your eCommerce website will surely be in demand.

SSL Certification

Having a SSL certificate is an extremely crucial factor of any eCommerce website. No one would want to give their information if the website does not contain an SSL certificate. It is extremely crucial to have an SSL certificate installed in your website for safeguarding the online transactions.

Preferably you can opt for a WildCard SSL certificate that also safeguards all the sub-domains. All the domains can be managed with a single WildCard SSL certificate. Getting a WildCard SSL certificate is a great way of reducing the management time and cost to a great extent.

There is a growing competition as far as the eCommerce websites are concerned; therefore it is important to alleviate the attractiveness, security, speed and usability of your eCommerce website.

By following the simple principles mentioned above, you can provide your users with the most convenient online shopping experience, happy customers will spread a word about your website and thereby the importance of your eCommerce website will increase.


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