Important Facts about Dedicated Hosting

Important Facts about Dedicated Hosting


If you think of embarking on an online project, predicting the success of this project is a difficult job, therefore you maybe tempted to get into a shared hosting plan.

It maybe the case that you maybe hosting on a shared server for sometime. However as the business grows, more resources are required to support it and this is the main reason why most of the businesses opt for a dedicated hosting plan.

The hosting resources offered are completely dedicated to one user and this makes it easier to automate the business processes. Even as the hosting requirements increase over a certain period of time, improved functionality is required as a result of increase in the number of visitors, therefore it becomes crucial to invest in a specific web hosting plan that offers a wide range of resources.

If you would like to opt for dedicated hosting, then the important facts about dedicated hosting mentioned below will make your decision much easier.

Control Panel Selection

If you would like to sign up for a dedicated hosting plan, you can select the control panel of your choice. In case of selection of the control panel, most of the web hosting companies offer a choice between cPanel and Plesk. Although cPanel is the choice of most of the users, Plesk is also known for the applications provided.

Maximum Speed

As there are no requests originating for bandwidth usage over those available in the server, the data transfer is steady and this directly affects the visitors who would like to access your website through their own browsers; they will be able to view your website instantly with absolutely no delay. The speed of your website will increase to a great extent.

Dedicated Service

Another reason why most of the growing businesses opt for dedicated hosting is that great stability is offered. In light of the fact that the server is not partitioned into many virtual servers, there is no overload on the system resources, therefore the speed of the applications installed is enhanced.


A dedicated hosting plan is known for its capacity to manage any kinds of security risks. In case of a shared hosting plan since many user accounts are based on a shared server, there may be a rarest possibility that someone may upload a malicious virus-infected file or program, and if it is not spotted it can infect many accounts.

This cannot happen with dedicated hosting, because with a dedicated hosting plan you not just own an external hardware firewall to thwart intrusion attempts, but you also get the capability to modify the access rights for further reinforcement of the security.

As a result of this, with dedicated hosting, you can be rest assured about the fact that no one can gain access to your server.

Dedicated IP

Another significant advantage of signing with a dedicated hosting plan is that your website is allocated with a unique dedicated IP address, and this IP can be recognized as soon as some user attempts to access the website URL.

With a shared IP address, the access to your websites becomes slower; the main reason behind this is that a separate software application on the server tries to identify the partition where the URL is assigned. In normal situations, the URL translation operation process with a shared IP address takes only a little more time than a dedicated IP address, however this time can increase when there is high traffic load on the website.

This is not the case with dedicated hosting as it does not need any translation software, and the result is that your website is loaded at a lightening speed.

Redundancy – Additional Protection To Data

A dedicated hosting plan gives you the ability to install multiple hard drives on the server. The main benefit of having more than one hard drive is that one hard drive can be used as a primary device while the other one can be sued as a backup medium.

As a result of this, the safety of your crucial business data is enhanced. If you have an eCommerce website, then this feature is something to look for as the customer credit card information will be safeguarded.

Moreover, the web hosting company might also give you the option of having a backup FTP account, as a result of this FTP account it is possible to reproduce the critical data on it along with the usage of the regular FTP account.


One of the strongest arguments quoted in favor of dedicated hosting is that it can be customized immensely. With a dedicated hosting plan you get complete flexibility in regards to the attainable level of customization. This helps in automating the business process as well.

The facts mentioned above make dedicated hosting a complete value for money. These facts will give you a clear picture about investing in a dedicated hosting plan.

There are ample ways of selecting a dedicated hosting company, but to be honest, there is no specific plan of action that should be considered in order to specifically pinpoint the right one.

Nevertheless, the important attributes and advantages of dedicated hosting surely go a long way towards the selection of the appropriate web hosting company.

For more details, visit our dedicated hosting page.


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