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how to Repair mysql database

how to Repair mysql database

To Repair a MySQL database,  one must follow these steps  :

Step 1 : First login to cpanel and click on Mysql Databases
Step 2 : Once page is loaded there are two ways to repair a database
Step 2.1 : First way is where it says Databases it says
Repair click on that button and it should load a new page with everything saying OK
This mean database is repaired
Step 2.2 : The other way is when the page loads scroll to the bottom and click on PhpMyAdmin
Step 3 : Once PhpMyAdmin has loaded select the database from the drop down menu on the left
Step 4 : Choose the database to repair and once its loaded,
you can select the tables to repair, either one or them all
then the dropdown that says
With Selected:
Step 5 : Choose Repair Table
And a new page will load saying ok.
Once this is done your tables will be repaired

If you wish to use ssh then just execute following commands :

mysqlcheck -B databasename –auto-repair

To repair all databases

mysqlcheck -A –auto-repair


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