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How to install shoutcast

How to install shoutcast

Install shoutcast server.

How do we install shoutcast?

Generally you dont want to run shoutcast as root as that can be really bad. so we create a shoutcast user:

1.) Login to root
2.) adduser shoutcast
3.) passwd shoutcast

Now it will ask for a new password set this and remember it.

Now login as the new shoutcast user.

Installing shoutcast:

Lets take shoutcast from nullsoft:


extract shoutcast:

tar -zxvf shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.tar.gz

rm -rf shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.tar.gz
mv shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6 shoutcast
cd shoutcast

How to configure shoutcast?

your going to want to edit the shoutcast configuration.

pico sc_serv.conf
nano sc_serv.conf


uncomment AdminPassword and set an admin password.

Now at this point you can go threw the settings and change them to what you want or you can save and start shoutcast and it will work perfectly.

to save crtl+x

How do i start shoutcast?

./sc_serv sc_serv.conf



  1. For window XP machine- When you install Shoutcast with the default settings (just keep hitting next without changing anything until it finishes), all files will be placed under C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast and before you can use Shoutcast, you have to configure it for your needs.

  2. Dedicated Server Hosting

    Thanks for sharing it.
    Its a nice step by step procedure to install shoutcast.

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