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How To Create Social Media Presence By Spending 30 Minutes Per Week?

How To Create Social Media Presence By Spending 30 Minutes Per Week?

Social Media Presence
A good social media presence is one of the most effective marketing tools you can have for your business in the current era. Social media not just enables you to expose your business to millions of people all around the world but it also helps you to save a lot of time on the marketing and promotion activities.

Making the best use of the social media platforms will enable you to take your business to a whole new level where connecting and communicating with people or potential customers is simple and straight forward. When business owners start making the right use of the social media platforms, at the beginning it might seem like it is taking a lot of your time but gradually the results will be prominent. Unless the time spent on social media is well planned and executed, it might quickly seep into the time that you had set aside for other important activities thereby leaving seemingly less reward or extra profit.

You will not be able to create a successful social media presence just by being around on the social networks throughout the day, everyday; it calls for something more than that. It is extremely important to portray the ‘social’ aspect and be receptive to the questions and comments from the followers and other people. The prominent social networking websites provide with email updates for any new comment on your posts, this is one of the easy and convenient ways of managing your social networking profiles.

The first step towards getting success from the social networking websites by spending just about 30 minutes per week is the consciousness that this is what you have to do for a better web presence; a small thought first and big steps later. If you are operating any of the prominent online business like ecommerce website, web hosting with wordpress or an informative forum, creating and maintaining an efficient web presence is extremely important. Refreshing your Facebook fan page after every fifteen minutes will only curb your curiosity in terms of the new follower members; however this will distract you from the other money-making activities. Some time will have to be allotted in order to create a 30 minute schedule for the social media presence. Initially you might have to spend more time as you tweak your practices and create your own social media routine, something that you are comfortable with. However, soon after that you will have a strong social media presence that is up and running that provides you with effective marketing and also allowing you to spend more time for monitoring and running your business.

The First Rule! Focus!

Initially it is crucial to decide which social networking websites you are going to utilize. A major mistake that most of the business owners make while starting out in social media is to select two or three websites at a time. Initially, just begin with one website and brand out gradually once you have created a knack of maintaining your presence on that website.

The kind of websites you select will depend on the nature of your business. Facebook fan page is a useful asset for many types of businesses for two main reasons – customization is possible and there is a larger audience on Facebook. Twitter is also a popular social media platform. If your business deals with visual streams like fashion, art, crafts, food and other similar businesses will benefit from creating a presence on Pinterest, as this social networking website is based on pictures. Other websites include Google+, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious. Whichever social media websites you are focusing on, those widgets can be added on the home page of your website so that the visitors know where to connect with you. Subscribing to your social networking profiles through these social widgets is a simple way for the visitors to connect with your company online right away.

Once you are comfortable with the one of the two social networking platforms that you had selected earlier, branching out is also equally important. The most important aspect is to do what is right for your business.

Utilize The Social Media Tools

social media tools

The social media tools are designed for the people who cannot spend a lot of time on the marketing and promotional activities and for the businessmen who would like to promote their business through the social media websites in less time. Many companies have started offering social media tools and survives especially for businesses. Some of the software applications come with a monthly fee while others enable you to use the basic features for free. The way of functioning of every social media tool is different and each one of them contains a different set of features. However most of them enable you to analyze the social media engagement, schedule posts and manage different accounts at a given point of time. The main benefit of using these tools is that a huge amount of time can be saved and you can do a lot more in a short span of time.

Once you have finalized the social media tool and once it is set up, you can plan on a series of posts for the next week. In the same session, you can analyze the statistics of the post that was submitted in the previous week. In your analysis, you can consider aspects like the posts that created maximum user engagement and the number of links that resulted in clicks along with the other important factors. Once the posts are scheduled, you don’t have to spend more time in planning about the postings of the next week. By organizing your social media activities in this way, you will not have to give a lot of time in planning the daily social media activities. This provides you more time for the other important tasks as well.

Through the social media tools, you can manage every aspect of your social media presence including the comments received. You can check and respond to the transactions once in a day or even less frequently. In order to check which social media tools that are used by other people, all you have to do is login to Facebook or Twitter account and look at the posting data of any individual.

Organizing Your Content

Another very effective way of saving time is to develop a good strategy for post submission. In order to maintain an effective presence, you can create the perfect mix of content to which you think your audience can relate to. Taking the reader’s preferences in mind is extremely important; understand what your readers like to read. In order to simplify this process further, designate a specific number of posts every week for some specific topics. For instance, you might want to post one promotional tweet every day that contains a direct link to one of your products or services. In this way, two blog posts per week can be posted. Preferably, you can create a spreadsheet or a designated calendar in order to support the social media content plan.

Call To Action

This can be one of the hardest aspects of your social media presence if not planned with consideration. This task involves asking or telling your customers to sign up for your mailing list, to buy your products or take some other necessary action related to your business. Some people find ‘Call To Action’ difficult because they think that they are persuading people for buying their products and services.

It is a fact that some people don’t take the right action without being clearly asked to do so. Even if they have gone through 600 words on the advantages of signing up with your mailing list, they might not consider signing up themselves until this is made clear to them at the end. Instead of waiting for some of the readers who might take the initiative of signing up with their own accord, your retention rate can be increased by adding a ‘Call To Action’. This is also applicable to your social media posts.

The best thing about social media is that it helps you to understand your customer’s preferences. Making the right use of it can open many avenues of featuring your business and connecting with the concerned people.

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