How To Create A New Domain with The Use of Plesk

How To Create A New Domain with The Use of Plesk

The steps given here will illustrate the process of creating a new domain (website) with the use of Plesk Control Panel. This will enable you to assign a client, assign an IP address, create a domain name and you will also be able to configure various options on your website.

This task can be either performed by the administrator or a user who has the proper permissions.

  • Open a web browser and connect to your Plesk Control Panel located at the respective IP address
  • Login as a User or an Administrator using the information sent to you in your setup email
  • Based on the user you logged in as, do one of the following: Administrator: Click Domains from the General menu User: Click Home from the menu Click Add New Domain under the Tools section
  • Select the client to create the domain for from the list of clients
  • Enter the appropriate information: Domain Name: Enter the domain name for the website. This is a required field and must be unique for the server. If a duplicate name is entered the Plesk interface will notify you. WWW: Check this box to permit the “www” prefix to be used when addressing the domain as well as the domain name by itself (if unchecked, the domain can only be referenced by its name without the “www” prefix) Select template: Enables you to select and apply a domain template to the site. Domain templates contain preset configuration options for the website. Select an IP address: Select an available IP address from the drop down list. Only IP addresses that were assigned to the client may be used. Proceed to hosting setup: Check this box if you wish to set up hosting for the domain after it is created.
  • Click on OK once all the settings are done
  • Select the type of hosting for the domain: Physical hosting: creates a virtual host for the domain. Standard forwarding: forwards this domain name to another domain name when accessing it via a web browser. Note that the address line of the web browser will change to the new address. Frame forwarding: creates a single frame in which the destination URL will be the source. The address of the original domain will be seen in the address line of the web browser.
  • Click on ok
  • Enter the appropriate information: If you chose Physical Hosting, you will be prompted to enter some further information pertaining to the hosting account. Detailed information about each section can be found by clicking Help from the left menu. If you chose Standard forwarding or Frame forwarding, you will be prompted to enter a Destination URL.
  • Click Ok

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