How to Combat Online Fraud to Some Extent?

How to Combat Online Fraud to Some Extent?

If you use your simple common sense you can combat online fraud to some extent, Here are few suggestions that you can implement to avoid online fraud orders.

You should be suspicious when

1. You recieve an order for a very expensive offer or large amount, the fraudsters generally tempt to choose the expensive offer/plan.

2. Order recieved without proper billing address etc.

3. You should have general awareness from those geographical areas from where large fraud orders are being originated. You can block those IPs.

4. If they provide you phone number ask so many questions, these people are liers ,engage them in conversation, try to catch them in lie and making mistake and flag that order as suspicious and fraud order.

5. A fraudster will generally try one card and if that fails, move on to another card, you can check the decline code, as this generally means that the card account they used has been closed for fraud hence no further order attempts from that person should be allowed.

You can also add a message on your site that “We screen diligently for credit card fraud” may be enough to cut fraud attempts by atleast fifty percent.

I hope this will help you.

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