How to Boot Linux from OS/2’s Boot Manager

How to Boot Linux from OS/2’s Boot Manager

Steps to Boot Linux from OS/2’s Boot Manager

  • Create a partition using OS/2’s FDISK.EXE
  • Format the partition under OS/2, either with FAT or HPFS. This so that OS/2 knows about the partition being formatted.
  • Add the partition to the Boot Manager.
  • Boot Linux , and create a file system on the partition using mkf-t ext2 or mke2fs. At this point you may, if you like, use Linux fdisk to change the code of the new partition to type 83 this may help some automated installation scripts find the right partition to use.
  • Install Linux on the partition.
  • Install LILO on the Linux partition–NOT on the master boot rec of the hard drive. This installs LILO as a second-stage boot loader on the Linux partition itself, to start up the kernel specified in the LILO config file. To do this, you should put boot = /dev/hda2 (where /dev/hda2 is the partition you want to boot from) in you /etc/lilo/config or /etc/lilo.config file.
  • Make sure that it is the Boot Manager partition that is marked active, so that you can use Boot Manager to choose what to boot

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