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How does Cloud Shared work? What is Cloud Shared Hosting?

How does Cloud Shared work? What is Cloud Shared Hosting?

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whUK Cloud Shared Hosting is shared web hosting in a cloud-based environment, with the back-end redundancy that you would otherwise only find with Cloud Server Hosting products, which cost much more than that of Shared Web Hosting.

You don’t need to worry about maintaining a server. You get the same simplicity benefits of shared web hosting while having the stringent benefits of a cloud-based back-end infrastructure, which provides a great level of redundancy that isn’t provided on standalone shared web hosting packages.

What’s the back-end redundancy?

If a server fails or goes offline for any reason, any services affected will automatically be migrated onto another live server with no human intervention required by us or by you; everything is entirely automated and almost instant. We have a cluster of servers and SAN storage’s to provide a level of guarantee and redundancy that just cannot theoretically be promised or guaranteed with traditional shared web hosting.

If you own a business or an e-commerce store, but do not require the performance or cannot justify the cost of a UK Cloud Server or a Dedicated Server yet, we would highly suggest for you to choose a whUK Cloud Shared Web Hosting package. Having redundancy is important when critical websites and applications are concerned; where downtime can cause damage to your businesses income or reputation.

whUK Cloud Shared Hosting starts at £10 per month.

(Pricing correct as of 20 July 2012)


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