How Dedicated Hosting Can Benefit Your Business

How Dedicated Hosting Can Benefit Your Business

Dedicated web hosting services include VPS servers and dedicated servers and are designed to provide businesses with reliable and secure web hosting solutions that will continue to meet their demanding needs for years to come. Whether you choose a VPS server or a dedicated server, having your own dedicated web hosting environment will provide you with a chance to install the applications and services that you require so that you can tailor your web hosting environment to meet your application requirements.

Furthermore, a dedicated hosting service will be able to provide you with a high level of uptime and when you’re running a website that provides your business with a source of income, uptime is one of the most important factors for you to consider because downtime can cause you to lose money; dedicated servers generally provide you with a higher rate of uptime than VPS servers as a VPS server can be seen as being a form of shared web hosting to some extent.

Even though dedicated hosting may seem like an expensive investment to begin with, the benefits that come with using a VPS server or dedicated server will provide you with greater revenue streams in the future which should aid with the justification of using such services.

When running a business website you will also need to be sure that you are using a secure hosting environment as when you are processing the personal information of your customers, if any of that information does fall into the hands of hackers then you could find yourself in trouble; proving that you have a secure hosting environment will also boost your customer’s confidence in your business.

What can a VPS server offer me over a dedicated server?

VPS servers are a form of virtual hosting, meaning that you have to share a physical hosting node with other VPS servers. Despite this, VPS servers are still a form of dedicated web hosting and can offer you the following benefits over using a dedicated server:

  • Low cost dedicated hosting – a VPS server can be seen as being a more affordable option to a dedicated server as you will be provided with your own dedicated resources and dedicated web hosting environment like a dedicated server will, but as this will be in the context of a virtual hosting environment it means that the costs associated with the physical hosting node can be allocated across several VPS servers meaning that the individual unit price per VPS server is quite low – there are certain factors that will affect how much you pay for a VPS server including your chosen web hosting provider, the specifications of your VPS server and the operating system that you are running on your server
  • Management – more often than not, web hosting companies provide their VPS hosting customers with access to a web control panel through which they can manage a number of different aspects of their servers without the need to login to the server directly – this type of management enables web hosting companies to make VPS server hosting accessible to beginners who wish to get started with dedicated web hosting, whilst also making certain tasks easier for experienced users who for example may wish to reload the OS on their VPS servers on a regular basis – it should be noted that if you require additional support for a VPS server, this will be much easier to obtain than extra support for a dedicated server hosting solution
  • Room for expansion – the resources of a VPS server are a lot easier to expand on than the resources of a dedicated server, therefore meaning that if you are going to be running a website that you feel is going to be growing at speed then you may wish to purchase a VPS server as you will be safe in the knowledge that if further down the line you require additional resources to ensure that your website runs smoothly, these can be purchased and will be immediately allocated to your VPS server – the problem with dedicated servers when it comes to this is that the server has to be taken offline so that the additional hardware can be fitted and this can cause inconvenience as well as downtime.

What can a dedicated server offer me over a VPS server?

A dedicated server is a physical server that will provide you with resources that are yours to use only and you will only have to share this physical web hosting environment with other users if you choose to. Some of these benefits include:

  • Physical hosting environment – the main benefit to choose a dedicated server over a VPS server is that you will be provided with your own physical hosting environment that will guarantee isolation from anyone else – when you are running an online shop or a website that is processing personal details then you will be able to appreciate the importance of such a hosting environment because it allows you to create a wall of security around the data that you are hosting, providing your customers with peace of mind
  • Upgrade options – although a VPS server may be simpler and a lot quicker to upgrade than a dedicated server, a physical machine can provide you with a number of different potential hardware configurations meaning that as a dedicated server customer you will be able to upgrade the hardware in your server to meet your needs as you want – businesses will always have complex hosting requirements and so dedicated servers have been designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of these larger customers.

In conclusion, dedicated hosting can benefit your business by providing you with a secure and reliable platform on which you can launch an online shop to help promote your goods and services online, allowing you to target a much wider audience.

The choice between VPS server hosting and dedicated hosting is one that you should base on the size of your business; small and medium sized businesses will benefit the most from VPS servers whereas larger corporations will be able to make the most of what dedicated servers have to offer.


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