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How can I make my website look different on different browsers?

How can I make my website look different on different browsers?

Making a website look different on different browsers has become a reason of worry for different web designers across the globe. The reason is the look of a website depends on different variables like the Operating system used by Visitor, the resolution set by user on his local machine and how does the browser interprets the page.

A description about the main reason is as follows :-

1) Operating system used by Visitor :-

If your website is designed using check boxes, edit fields, radio buttons, submit buttons. All of these can be visualized according to the Operating system used by the visitor who is browsing the website.

Example :- A submit button can look like an pink circle on your Windows XP Operating system and look like a yellow square on your Windows Vista or something else on your Windows 2007 operating system. For all such things, you can create custom buttons for your website.

Submit buttons ordinary code looks like this

<input type = “submit”>

It can be replaced by using the below code

<button type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”Submit”><img src=”submitimg.gif”/>Submit</button>

Such kind of changes can be made in other parts of your website also.

2. Display Resolution settings on viewers machine :-

Websites display is affected a lot by the Resolution set on the visitors local machine.

Example :- if your web page is created at 1024×768 and the user who is browsing the website uses 1028×768 or 1382×768, it will look differently in different configuration.

To avoid such kind of problems, you should not set a fixed resolution for your website. Instead of using a fixed resolution, you can use width = 100%. This is not a full proof solution but will atleast make the page fit into the screen.

3. How does the browser interprets the page :-

Different browsers do not compare pages pixel by pixel. They go through the complete page code and display the page as per the code. Different browsers have differences in the code interpretation. Its important to check in what way a website looks different in different browsers. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for that. You should check the specifications of each browser that fails to display your website correctly and make the necessary adjustments to your code.

We do not have a easy solution for that. You need to check the requirements of each web browser that is unable to display your webpage correctly. You need to make the appropriate modifications in your source or page code that is used to develop a particular webpage.


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