Growing Your Business During the FIFA World Cup – TIPS on Business Development

June 6, 2014 / Internet Marketing
Growing Your Business During the FIFA World Cup-banner

Public events bring an enormous opportunity for businesses to boost sales, branding, & leads. AND, when it’s an event of the FIFA World Cup, the kind of exposure a company can generate is unimaginable – only sky is the limit.

According to statistics, nearly 50% of the global population clanged to the television sets during the 2010 World Cup, where all the football devotees sat together for the mega event in their respective geographies.

Marketers, NO, good marketers considering this as an opportunity and work towards building a strategy around it, can help earn an enhanced brand value, revenue and exposure for a company.

Many of us would remember the highly popular advertisement by Nike, it became popular much before the mega event was initiated during 2010.

From a marketing & ROI perspective one can second to the fact that the investment yielded out really well.

During such events, the economies experience a spiking boost in revenues, on which the respective geographies count on.

So How Can A Business Attract Benefit From Events such as the World Cup?

‘Marketing’ in lay man’s terms is something that helps with grabbing attention. Then as we go deeper into the concept – different mediums, channels, strategies, budgets etc. come into role.

Back in 2010 after the World Cup was over shared an audience report wherein the final match reached 619.7 million in-home viewers.

  • 1+ minute of coverage: 3.2 billion (+8%); 46% of the global population
  • 3+ consecutive minutes of coverage: 2.8 billion (+5%); 41 %
  • 20+ consecutive minutes of coverage: 2.2 billion (+3%); 32%
  • 30+ consecutive minutes of coverage: 2.0 billion (+3%); 29%

Furthermore, if we take a look at the overall most watched television broadcasts published in WikiPedia, we realize that the World Cup has grabbed the maximum attention from majority nations from across the globe.

Looking at these statistics one can easily estimate the kind of sponsorship pricings would possibly be for a 45 halve – yes the competition is intense. Hence, not every business can afford to invest in buying an add. slot. But, smart marketers do find a way to take advantage of these events.

You’d find a number of ads. played across various television channels and online destinations that indirectly depict the FIFA fever. With the massive boom in smart devices since 2010, businesses have a lot to count on.

This year it’s estimated that most businesses would be greatly relying on mobile ads, social media and digital platforms. Businesses (small and large) can invest in creation of sponsored ads. guides, event charts (well updated) about the World Cup and host it on the websites.

Engaging the viewers is all that one needs to look for, and gamification can be one of the most promising tools to look for. This can even offer an advantage over mobile platforms/devices. Having such a platform built, should help you deliver/promote them across popular social networking platforms and call-in for more brand exposure.

Videos can be one of the right tools to attract potential audience by your side. It’s also one of the highly viewed and shared material within the digital space, hence formulating an effective video series around the World Cup but featuring your brand, can help you to drive-in an invaluable volume of traffic.

Indeed, the sporting event of World Cup that comes along once in four years, that attracts a massive burst of audience digitally, wirelessly and via. broadcasting – produces an exceptional impact which can yield benefits for businesses. It’s reach in itself is something to count on. Hence, planning an attractive strategy can bring along awesome rewards by the end of World Cup season.

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