FSCK Takes Long Time to Complete

FSCK Takes Long Time to Complete

As a part of server administrations usually system administrator would run FSCK on server if they found there is some problem with file system and want to get it repaired, but unfortunately when you fire FSCK command on your Linux Server it may take several hours to get completed.

FSCK runs automatically at boot time when the server detects that a file system is in an inconsistent state, due to non-graceful shutdown, such as a system crash or power loss forcing your machine to switch-off. As a system administrator you can also run FSCK manually to check for file consistency.

Its always suggested to have ReiserFS or ext3 filesystems for your Linux server as both are journaling filesystems and are much reliable filesystems which can tolerate accidental power loss affecting your file systems of your server.

Time required for completing FSCK for a drive is directly proportional to drive size, server speed and amount/type of data on the drive which needs to be scanned and fixed, thus server with advance processor and fast speed would help you to reduce FSCK processing time.

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