Features that Make SharePoint Hosting A Worthwhile Investment

May 23, 2011 / Web Hosting

SharePoint is a very efficient technology that facilitates integration of various business processes. With the use of SharePoint Hosting, it is possible to set up websites, share information, manage documents and publish reports so that better decision making can be facilitated. The SharePoint framework helps your company to quickly adapt to the changing business needs.

With a SharePoint hosting plan your people can share ideas and expertise, create customized solutions and find the right business information for making better decisions. Here is an insight on how SharePoint hosting can help the small businesses to manage the daily tasks and procedures.

Document Sharing

Normally in every company the files are shared through emails. So, for instance, if the monthly management accounts are send out by email, in draft, to all the managers, for informing them about the latest updates. Then the responses will have to be collated by the accounts department, thus manual changes have to be made to the master document.

With SharePoint you can have one documents in one place, this completely eliminates the need for email communication and therefore it is also not necessary to make multiple copies.

All the changes made will also be stored in SharePoint, so that you can refer to them anytime and this reduces the time spent on reading through large volumes of emails for locating the appropriate information. This is a very powerful feature of SharePoint and it goes a long way in increasing the efficiency of your business.


You might spend huge amounts on programmers, developers and internal communications experts for designing the perfect intranet. However with SharePoint Hosting, you can take complete ownership and and create your own Intranet, with very less involvement of developers or programmers.

Using SharePoint’s web pages, lists and libraries; you will be equipped with all the necessary resources for creating a rich and engaging intranet. With you and your team taking ownership of the intranet project through SharePoint you will not just save a lot of money, but you will also get the opportunity to create and maintain a truly dynamic website, that is very closely aligned with the business requirements.

Resource Planning

Most of the businesses handle the resource planning issues with paper diaries, wall charts or Outlook calendars. A lot of time is spend for co-ordinating through phone calls and emails and the issues caused by mis-communications can be huge.

With SharePoint Hosting, you will get the SharePoint Calender list that can be accessed by all the employees or by particular employees selected by you and then it will be less time consuming and much easier to solve the resource planning issues.

The main reason behind this is that the availability of resources facilitates easy management. The SharePoint calender will enable you to mange functions like staff appointments and meetings, maintenance, shift planning etc.

Task List And Project Management

When it comes to sharing tasks with others or monitoring the progress of the work done, there can be no mismanaged in that. The task and project task lists offered by SharePoint Hosting make it very easy to overcome the potential difficulties without spending a lot of time on data input and administration. These lists are quick and easy to set up and manage.

The team members and managers can easily add, amend and review the respective items. It is also possible to setup alerts for notifying the team members about the new tasks created or assigned to them, even the changes to the status of a task can be updated. This feature helps in creating the personal ‘to do’ lists, catering to the customer queries and project planning.

The points mentioned above make SharePoint Hosting a worthwhile investment. The best thing about SharePoint Hosting is that it automates the business process and this leads to higher efficiency.

A SharePoint Hosting plan results in substantial improvements in time consuming functions like resource planning, collaborative working, document management and management of many other business functions; therefore higher profitability can be obtained with minimum efforts. Thus, informed decisions will be facilitated and business advancement will be easily possible.

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