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.exe files in windows.

.exe files in windows.

Well if you are searching for the .exe of windows so that you can run that directly from the windows run command then here it is.
This is not a comprehensive list. But it has the standard processes
as well as process names from popular applications.
Here goes¦


Acrobat Assistant that is used when printing documents to a PDF. The
process should not be removed while converting documents to PDF.


Active Disk Service is a component of the Iomega zip drive.



Also for the Iomega zip drive.


Associated with Symantec Internet Security Suite. Keep it and
protect your PC.


Also associated with Symantec Internet Security Suite. Keep it and
protect your PC.


System process that is the main executable for the Microsoft Client /
Server Runtim Server Subsystem. It should not be shut down.


Non-essential system process. If you are using only English as the
language, then it is not needed. However, it is recommended to leave
it alone.


This must always be running in the background. It is a user interface
process that runs the windows graphical shell for the desktop, task
bar, and Start menu.


Internet Explorer browser..


Local Security Authority Service is a Windows security-related system
process for handling local security and login policies.

Navapsvc.exe, nvsrvc32.exe, and navapw32.exe

These are Symantec North AnvtiVirus processes. They or whatever
virus program you use should run all the time.


RealNetworks Scheduler is not an essential process. It checks for
updates for RealNetworks products. It can be safely disabled.


A system process that executes DLLs and loads their libraries.


Nortons AntiVirus process. Keep it.


An essential process that manages the starting and stopping of
services including the those in boot up and shut down. Do not
terminate it.


Session Manager SubSystem is a system process that is a central part
of the Windows operating system. If you try to kill it, it will be
difficult… hence, the importance of leaving it be.


Microsoft printer spooler service handles local printer processes.
It is a system file.

svchost.exe x 6

You may have more than six appearances of this process or less. It is
there multiple times to handle processes executed from DLLs. Leave it


This is a file that stores information related to local hardware
settings in the registry under `HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Kill it and kiss
your PC stability bye bye.

System Idle Process

Calculates the amount of CPU currently in use by applications. This
wont go away no matter how hard you try. Dont try it, OK?


Appears when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del.


Windows Driver Foundation Manager is part of Windows media player 10
and newer. Better not to stop the process.


Handles the login and logout processes. It’s essential.


It says, You are running Microsoft Word.


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