Essential Tips To Secure Your Website

Essential Tips To Secure Your Website

Website security is one of the biggest priorities today. Your customers will trust your online business only with a secure website and only then the return on investment can be guaranteed. There are hackers out there who are willing to do whatever it takes to penetrate in your website security and get access to all the important information.

It is extremely crucial to deter these careless intruders. The tips mentioned below will secure your website and it will provide with a safer online environment for your customers as well.

Strong Passwords

It is important to secure the administrative interface first, it is the first step towards protecting your website. If a hacker get access to the administrative interface of your website, it will be very easy for him to gain control of the entire website with some short ways.

Once the hacker gets access to the administrative control panel, anything can be done. This may include defacing your website, committing identity theft or fraud in the name of your business. Strong passwords play an important role in restraining the hackers from accessing your website.

Preferably they should be a mix of numbers and letters. You must avoid using simple passwords like the username or your name or your date of birth. The alphanumeric password should be at least 10 characters in length.

Update Constantly

Irrespective of whether you install new features or not, make sure to upgrade to newer versions of scripts once they are released. Regular updates are important for fixing bugs in the script.

In case you are not sure if the new update will break your customization, you can raise questions in the support forums and you will get good solutions for upgrading the scripts along with keeping the customization intact.


The function of a firewall is filtering information that is transferred to and from your website. If you have a firewall configured for your website, you can prevent all unauthorized access to your website.

Make sure to invest in the firewall of the best brand, only then you can be sure of the security preferences. Remember that you cannot secure your website by simply having a firewall; it is also important to configure the firewall properly.


You must ensure that you are using the best antivirus; this is a worthwhile investment. In case your computer contracts a virus, the hacker who distributed this virus can gain access to sensitive information on your computer.

Some viruses might install hacking utilities like KeyLoggers that record the data entered from your computer’s keyboard. This goes on to say that everything you type is recorded and then sent to the hacker, and this will also include your system and website passwords.

The anti-virus program you are using must be updated with the latest definitions to keep the security intact. This will provide protection from hackers who would like to gain control on your information. Make sure to update your anti-virus program regularly.

Secure The Source Code

This is also an extremely crucial factor to be considered. Hackers are interested in getting your source code in order to destroy it or to create a website clone.

Therefore it is important to protect it against such individuals. You can make use of specific scripts that will hide your source code from internet users. You can also make use of the external CSS sheets and files for Javascript.

Add robot.txt

robot.txt is a special instruction that you will be giving to the search engines visiting your web pages. This command will instruct the search engines to index those files only that are meant for users. You can direct the search engines to not to index the links that are meant for the webmasters like files or images.

The tips mentioned above will ensure the security of your website. It is also crucial to host your website on an efficient web hosting plan that also takes the security of your website in consideration. The website hosting plan must comprise of good anti-virus and firewall.

The functioning of the website depends on the resources provided in the web hosting plan. Make sure that you are investing with the right web host who ensures the best of security measures so that your website is safeguarded from all the possible hacking attempts.

If you are in the position of needing HTTPS to improve the security of your websites and wish to purchase an SSL certificate, take a look at our SSL Certificate page.


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