Essential Factors For Incorporating A Private Cloud in Your Organisation

September 17, 2011 / Cloud Hosting

For many organizations, hosting on a private cloud is the most preferred choice when it comes to cloud computing. Private cloud provides with a hardware and network environment that is completely dedicated to one organization.

Cloud computing has been one of the biggest IT buzzwords for quite sometime and now that private cloud has emerged, many organizations think of investing in it for complimenting the business growth and achieving high levels of automation and efficiency.

If you are considering hosting on the private cloud, there are certain factors that you need to consider and prepare for gaining the maximum benefits out of this powerful hosting platform. Hosting on a private cloud would require you to revisit so many existing systems and practices that it can be daunting at times.

However if you consider these essential factors, it will bring about an overwhelming change and make the challenge of incorporating the private cloud in your organization easier.

 Evaluate and Asses

It is essential to create a starting point, or baseline considering the inventory of current hardware and software resources, including existing virtualization, network and storage infrastructure. It is also important to asses the current vendor relationships for virtualization and cloud-friendly licensing and support.

You must know what features are offered by the web host so that the appropriate decision can be taken. It is also important to asses the security and business requirements. Assessing all these important factors will enable you to avoid lock-in period and higher quality will be ensured.


You can start with planning for any specific well designed project, with plans for higher scalability and complete success. It is crucial to include ample time in project plans in order to take care of technical and process issues as they arise.

Make sure that every aspect of IT is represented, including change and configuration management so that all the challenges can be addressed up front. It is vital to include your IT members in this planning for creating a strong hosting platform. If you define the disaster recovery and performance needs perfectly, it will lead to greater success within a short span of time.


If you are considering hosting on the private cloud, it is also necessary to adopt the attitude that if it needs to be done more than once, it needs to be automated. The business processes that are more time consuming can be automated to some extent with a private cloud.

It is also necessary to communicate and be flexible with incorporating the private cloud with the business processes so that all the important issues can be addressed quickly.


 It is important to anticipate the adjustments as system requirements are better known through experience. In case of private hosting, you can use the virtual server in accordance with your business requirements in order to avoid wasted resources.

It is also essential to monitor the systems or workloads and you can also analyze how they can be combined with the private cloud for achieving higher efficiency and productivity. Regularly review trends and capacity with staff from all key technical areas so that you gain maximum benefits from the private cloud hosting platform.

Service Level Agreement

This is one highly important aspect that has to be scrutinized properly. The Service Level Agreement provided by the web host is applicable to your business and it will ultimately affect the working of your business.

The Service Level Agreement offered by the web host that you select must include points like round the click technical support, network security, advanced support, server protection and monitoring.

This depicts the quality of the services offered by the web host. If you are considering any web host for the first time, you will get a clear picture about their services through their Service Level Agreement.

In order to successfully incorporate the private cloud in all the aspects of the business, it is essential to consider the factors mentioned above. These factors will enable higher efficiency and redundancy for ensuring a great level of performance.

One of the main benefits of virtualization is that you can separate your software upgrade cycle from your hardware upgrades, so that you don’t have to worry about updating the server operating system when you virtualize them.

Private cloud is the one of the most efficient and powerful forms of hosting and the best of results can be obtained from this hosting platform by considering the essential factors mentioned above.

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