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eBusiness – Complete Information

eBusiness – Complete Information

E-business describes the use of electronic means & platforms to conduct a companies business. The advent of the internet has greatly increased the ability of companies to conduct their business faster, more accurately over a wider range of time & space, at reduced cost, & with the ability to customize & personalize customer offerings. Countless companies have set up Websites to inform & promote their products & services.

They have created Intranets to facilitate employees communicating with one another & to facilitate downloading & uploading information to & from the companies computers. Companies have also set up Extranets with major suppliers & distributors to facilitate information exchange, orders, transactions & payments

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  1. Paul

    No doubt the internet has greatly increased the ability to influence the online business much faster but still it is not 100% secured that is the reason a large percentage of users still feel unsecured during online shopping. I agree with sean that it is important to make e-business more secured especially facilitate with secured transaction.

  2. sean

    Likewise for any business you need a strategy- e-business too require clearly articulated plan with well-documentation and secured technological infrastructure.

  3. Ryan

    In the past few years, virtually all businesses in some or the other way have become an ebusiness. Internet technology, readily available solutions, and benefits of electronic technology have made ebusiness the obvious choice. In addition to buying and selling products, ebusiness can also handle other traditional business aspects like electronic chat as a form of technical and customer support. Also by selling products and services online, an ebusiness is capable of reaching a much wider consumer base as compared to any traditional media.

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