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DotNetNuke (DNN) Hosting – A Feasible Option

DotNetNuke (DNN) Hosting – A Feasible Option

DotNetNuke (DNN) Web Hosting .

DotNetNuke is based on .NET framework, you won’t even need a developer or knowledge of any other programming knowledge because of its easy to use features. DNN supports all our windows web hosting packages. With our windows web hosting packages including shared, reseller and VPS can be considered for DNN web hosting.  With our control panel (Plesk), DotNetNuke can be installed within a few seconds with a few clicks and multiple portals can be created with just one click. All our servers are optimized to increase the functionality of your portal and open source code can be customized as per your requirements. All our web hosting packages comes with good amount disk space and bandwidth quotas plus multiple MSSQL databases and the ability to host multiple websites using ASP.NET, PHP, .NET AJAX and CGI scripting facilities.

DotNetNuke Content Management & Its Advantages :-

* Content Management System – The  full website content management systems take the work out of managing your web site. The web developers & your site administrators focus on delivering optimal solutions to meet their own business requirements than coding any customize content management system.

* Applications — With a big range of DotNetNuke application available which could be used to provide additional functionality for the website. The DotNetNuke Community Edition includes more than 25 application which will provide full features such as banners, discussions, FAQs, & weblogs. Those application can be grouped together to form complete web or intranet  web pages which can be easily added to perform any of the option such as edited, deleted, restored, moved around on a page, or transferred to other pages. These Application are also available from third-party vendors and which is  free download from the DotNetNuke Forge. Users can also easily change the look of a site using skins. Skins can be easily designed & are widely available from third-party vendors.

* Web Site Settings – Administrators had a full authority to define the title of  website & can easily manage the meta data for improving the search engine promotion . It also helps to descriptions & submit users website logos or there backgrounds, themes & customized welcome messages.

* File Management – Administrators can upload files directly from their computers. Uploaded files are instantly available for use on the site & are also listed in a module that handles documents & file downloads.

* Code Editor Telerik Controls – The Telerik RadEditor Enhanced Rich Text Editor which include all basic required functions like spell checking & image resizing & compression. This tools provide defined access to the Telerik toolset through standard user interface extensions provided with the core DotNetNuke platform.

* Web Containers –  Web Containers are used to frame individual modules. Theses web containers can be applied to one or more modules or can be applied globally across all the web modules.

* Body Background – An image or color can be added to the background of all tabs to further customize the look of your site.

* Stylesheets – Built-in stylesheets deliver pages with a uniform appearance. Style sheets can be configured to modify elements such as font type, color, bullet points, & background color.

* Recyclebin – Users or his client  can access any content, module, or page that has been deleted & restore it to its original location.

* Drag-and-drop – A developer or designer can move containers & modules simply by dragging & dropping them on a page. it’s a very easy to sue GUI application.

* Banner Advertising – Through the Vendors tab, administrators can add vendors & their profile information, then upload banners & determine their placement. They can define the number of impressions, cost per impression, or length of ad campaign, track ad views & click through with the affiliate referrals earning.

We have expertise in in managing and hosting content management systems. You can rely on us for your DNN website hosting service as we offer  professional and friendly support 24×7.


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