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Developing Web Applications For Ensuring Efficiency And Productivity

Developing Web Applications For Ensuring Efficiency And Productivity

Web Application Development

Today the world wide web has grown into a major entity that determines the global business front. A wide range of businesses opt for harnessing the benefits of web supplication development for creating and maintaining a unique presence along with maximizing profits and reducing the operational costs.

These web applications can be accessed through the internet or intranet. Technically speaking, these applications are hosted on a server and on a browser controlled environment. As it is a web based application, it is designed, developed and coded in browser supported frameworks. Languages used for creating web applications include PHP, Javascript, .Net, HTML, XHTML etc. The browsers are the key platforms required to render the web applications.

Businesses and organizations are always looking for superior solutions that will enable them to manage every facet of the business efficiently. The desktop applications have always covered these requirements of the businesses. However with the result of frequent changes in the markets, businesses are in need of a solution that is not just efficient but that is robust, reliable, secure and flexible as well. A solution that gives them the freedom to access, monitor and administer the business from anywhere around the world within a short span of time or on the go. A new trend emerging in business promotion is to develop web applications for certain requirements of the business.

Here is an insight on what businesses can achieve by developing their own web applications:

Improved Communication Channel

With reference to the current business scenario, the customers have a wide range of choices for their online purchase decision. This makes it very tough for the businesses to survive in a highly competitive market. As a result of creating web based applications, a strong communication channel can be established. This channel can also be operated by sending information to the people and receiving feedback from them; thereby increasing the referral based market.

User Friendly Web Applications

A web-based application can attract a wide range of users only if it is easy to use. It is crucial to ensure that the web application is user friendly before it is passed on to the users. Moreover any installation process is not required when it comes to a web application, it can be used directly. It is quick and saves a lot of time.

Compatibility With Various Platforms

People use many operating systems are used like Linux, Windiws, MacOS etc. The developers of the classical standalone applications spend a lot of money and efforts to create a cross platform application that can work in synch with various operating systems. Any web application can work efficiently irrespective of the operating system selected by the user.

Apart from this, the best advantage of developing web applications is that they are safe and can be accessed from anywhere. In order to get the best results from the web applications, the most important aspect is establishing the perfect synchronization of the technologies. The important technology platforms used for web application development includes the following:

PHP : It is an open source language that is widely used for web application development. It can be easily integrated with the other technologies and is user friendly as well.

ASP.Net : It is a Microsoft based product that requires licensing. This technology can be used if there are no barriers to investment.

Java : Java is an open source programming language that is mostly used for enterprise level application development. It consists of a database where the frontend and backend data is stored.

MySQL : It is an open source database software that is perfect for web based application development. PHP-MySQL is one of the most efficient combinations for database and programming language.

Oracle : It is considered to be one of the best databases that is mostly used in enterprise application development.

MSSQL : This is a database software application from Microsoft
With the perfect synchronization of these technologies an interactive, user friendly and efficient web application can be created. The web hosting platform used also makes a huge difference.

Here’s how application hosting helps in enhancing the business performance and productivity:

Easy To Use Software Hosting Solution

High maintenance is required for computer software, hardware and infrastructure. As a result of application hosting services; the aspects like software updates, software downloads, hardware repair, server upgrades, data loss prevention, IT maintenance and other related things are taken care of. All these aspects can be easily managed with running the applications or software on your own computers locally through application hosting service providers; preferably this is done on a cloud server.

Flexible Solution For Users

The technology possessed by the application hosting service providers virtually enable access from any web browser like IE or Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others. You can select the preferred operating system along with the aspects like web application platform and the preferred programming language. This simplifies the migration process for the existing applications along with providing more applications for creating new solutions.

Flawless Security

When the applications are hosted on an open source cloud server, an end to end solution is deployed in order to secure the infrastructure; this includes the physical, operational and software measures as well. As a result of improved security measures greater protection is provided for any sort of network attacks along with ensuring a highly effective detection of data tampering. Through cloud server hosting, assurance is provided that any type of unauthorized access to the user data is completely restricted.

Along with the above mentioned factors, cost effectiveness is also ensured as the user only has to pay for the hosting platform. When it comes to application hosting, the most important aspect is detecting the exact requirements and opting for the best possible hosting solution. Generally a cloud hosting based application hosting platform is the best one for ensuring complete efficiency and smooth functioning of the application.


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