Crucial Decision Points – Public VS Private Cloud II

Crucial Decision Points – Public VS Private Cloud II

Performance Expectations

The personalization of the private cloud hosting, which is engaged within the security firewall which is accessible via a Ethernet Local Area Network. The Private clouds are arranged inside the firewall which are completely accessed via the Ethernet LAN at wire speed. Its actually a ready access which is in the range of 100 MB/s per node which is pretty usual.

Every addition of nodes offers an performance improvement to this type of cloud. Replication of files within the multiple nodes, each capable of serving independent requests. There is a limitation to Public cloud accessibility since it is accessed via an Internet. And where the internet is involved bandwidth limitations come into picture. So choosing for the appropriate bandwidth resources can completely  resolve any problem.

Access Patterns and Locations

The Public cloud hosting offers ideally contain the replication of data to many different geo-locations, normally for an additional charge. If you get users from round the world which will benefit from locality of data, the public cloud can think at different times to be an alternate for a content distribution network. With the arrangement of Private clouds, hosting is within the single location for Local Network.

So called remotely located clients have to essentially be connected  to the internet. When we start to approach the public cloud distribution, although making users to make greater initial investments, the bigger private cloud deployments can include various locations.

Security and Data Isolation

A normal user can easily search multiple available opinions as well as dedicated websites which can completely describe the security of public cloud offerings. But the larger concern is the control of your website data. Public cloud hosting means exactly that- they are completely public.

Separation of the important data is completely as strong as the virtualization technologies which were being used to build the cloud and the provider’s firewall. Isolation of data depends on your requirements and security is based on internal processes. Whereas the complete ownership, deployment and management of Private clouds is done by the inhouse technical administrators of those servers .

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