Crucial Decision Points – Public Cloud VS Private Cloud

Crucial Decision Points – Public Cloud VS Private Cloud

Deciding factors – Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud

One of the most upcoming features in the hosting industry is the cloud computing platform. The Cloud technology had already started to challenge to the traditional rule and modify the process of how the organization managed their resources.

Majority of the enterprise and businesses are more aware today that the cloud solutions can offer a helping hand with the economics of financial resources. But if so,  no company can resist the temptation to build their own cloud. Well, it is possible, but an assessment of public cloud versus private cloud is important before you start investing in this sector.

Elementary Expense

It is misleadingly believed that the Private Cloud architecture requires a very large investment in the early stages. Whereas, the truth is, private cloud can be built at an affordable budget and deploying the architecture is also pretty easy. The users can download the software and the private cloud can be operational within an hour.

As every one knows, Public cloud hosting is offered by the hosting industry at an affordable price of £ GBP. The major benefits are: it is not mandatory for the clients to buy hardware or software, the elementary expenditure is trivial assuming that the user applications can do the talking about the needed protocols.

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Data Volume

Cloud storage is clearly among the top storage technologies for 2011. Earlier, cloud storage was primarily supposed to be for its extensive accessible features but most enterprise start out small. Private cloud can start from few TB’s also offering simple scalability of the capacity, as they can make changes by simply adding additional nodes or disks.

Whereas, the Public cloud starts even smaller. Public cloud makes it simple to back-up a single laptop or deploying an application of some GBs. With the expansion, users can lease more capacity and the cost scales linearly.

Data Storage Duration

The time duration for storing the clients data onto the cloud could mainly affect the Cloud selection. Private clouds are licensed like enterprise. The time duration for the data storage will not affect the cost, hence making it an ideal solution for archives or content repository applications.

The longer the data stays onto the public cloud the more is the increase in the costs. That means, if you store content that keeps changing on a regular basis, then Public Cloud solutions are the perfect suit for you.

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