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Cloud Technology And Small Business

Cloud Technology And Small Business

Today, a massive media campaign, as well as advertising and marketing programs of IT industry leaders talk about “cloud computing“. Cloud computing is on everyone’s lips, but still remains an open question: what is the real possibility of its use in small business? Is it available for small businesses?

In most cases, it is considered that cloud computing services can be accessed through the Internet. According to the concept of cloud computing, instead of installing software on local workstations, you can simply use the resources to store and process your business data on remote servers, provided by a service provider. In other words, to conduct its business “in the cloud.” You get access to your data through a web browser using any computer connected to the Internet, and from anywhere in the world. This approach includes a number of advantages for organizing IT space.

The Low Initial Cost

Instead of buying software, you simply take it out for a small monthly fee. You do not need to think more about the payment updates for your software. In the cloud you will always have access to the latest version of the software used at no extra cost.

Low Overhead

With cloud computing you no longer need to worry about supporting and developing your own IT infrastructure. The infrastructure is already available from a company that provides you with cloud services. It is the service provider who takes care of the uninterrupted provision of the latter. You can focus exclusively on the development of the business. All you need – a computer with high-speed access to the Internet.

Maximum Mobility

Since your data and software are located in the cloud, you can work from anywhere there is access to the network.


Cloud technology makes your communication with customers and partners even more simple and convenient. For example, instead of sending mass e-mail data, presentations, tables with calculations, etc., to maintain their current versions, you just have to give interested parties access to the web page where you can publish and update the online mode, all the necessary documents. An example of such a service from Google: Google Docs.

Most Security

When using cloud technologies your data is better protected against viruses and from other malicious software. Providers of cloud services have a infrastructure that is constantly updated with anti-virus software. In addition, offering services that provides additional protection. For you as a user of cloud technology, we can only use the services of “out of the box”, without worrying about further security and not wasting money on its security.

Some key points that are worth to look for when selecting cloud services.


It is important for the cloud applications that you plan to use, have standardized mechanisms for interaction and exchange. For example, the document formats of the accounting software should be compatible with other business applications that you use in your work or just planning to buy.


So how do you actually trust their business critical information service provider ?

You must take responsibility for the choice of the provider. Obviously, if the service provider will disappear, your business can disappear with him. Therefore, it is necessary to check the reputation and track record of the company providing cloud services.

So, To Sum Up

The transition to the use of new technologies may not be easy. If you think that cloud computing will be solving your business problems, then select the optimal variant of the use of new technologies that may apply to the specialized organizations that can help resolve issues that arise in your migration process and the use of new services.


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