Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server – Difference

Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server – Difference

Cloud server and dedicated server both have their own advantages. In case you require large resources for hosting, then the decision would also depend on your business requirements; there are some distinct features that cloud server and dedicated server has that are mentioned below.

Vertical Scaling

Cloud servers enables vertical scaling. All you have to do is select the desired resources and provide it to the server. Cloud server also gives you the capacity to add or remove memory, computing power, and hard drive space within a short span of time.

However with dedicated server, it will enable you to re size your hosting platform but it may take some time to add or remove the resources; this is because it involves the tasks like establishing a new server, upgrading software, and installing new software.

Deployment Time

It is very easy to deploy a ready to use server in the cloud server framework. All that you have to do is select a package and the software, and your server will be configured within a short span of time, and it will be ready for usage. In case of dedicated server everything has to be done manually such as selecting and installing the hardware and installing operating system.


This is the major point of difference between cloud server and dedicated server. In terms of cloud server hosting, the payment only has to made for the resources used and no extra payment is involved. Whereas in terms of dedicated server hosting, payment has to be made for all the resources that are provided.


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