Cloud Adoption Survey 2012 and Its Inferences : Infographics

Cloud Adoption Survey 2012 and Its Inferences : Infographics


We at WHUK have been constantly coming up with innovative services and solutions that are tailored for small and medium sized businesses with the view to help you raise your business to higher grounds.

And we are happy to say that our efforts are being well appreciated by thinkers and businesses for whom we act as hosting partners, enabling us to create a win-win situation.

We’ve found a decent preference for majority of our traditional service offerings such as dedicated servers, vps, shared, etc., but unfortunately this isn’t quite the case with the Cloud. Rather, this isn’t the case with various businesses associated most other providers. Infact, something which was observed worldwide across the hosting industry in the UK and the US.

AVG, a globally acclaimed security technology company had conducted a survey in this regards where approximately 1 thousand SMBs from the UK and US participated.

Following is an infographic presentation based on the finding :

Image Courtesy : AVG

Based on the inferences, only a quarter amongst them switched over to a cloud environment. While another quarter believed that the cloud was only suitable or more appropriate for large enterprises. One third did not know much about the Cloud technology.

During the initial days after the launch, there was a slow trend with adapting to any new technology introduced, but with passing time and after gaining experience with using it, the competency levels tend to shift. But the survey gives a different picture altogether.

SMBs seem to be reluctant and not trying to get into the main stream due to which they are missing out on a competitive edge. Experts have already termed Cloud to be the future of computing, and based on these predictions big brands in the Industry have already taken an initiative to align their business with this technology. This is an ideal time to get into the mainstream or else let a business to get stuck in jeopardy.

Since you’ve come this far reading through the entire article, I assume that you’d want to know more about Cloud and its related services OR about how our Cloud services can help you save on costs AND help you get the best performance.

If you are run a small or medium sized business and have any questions, please get in touch with us anytime via. Live Chat or raise your queries at Webhosting UK official forum and help us help you understand this feature rich future technology.


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