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Change MX Record..

Change MX Record..

MX Record is an entry in a domain name database that identifies the mail server that is responsible for handling e-mail for that domain name.You can have website on one server and MX record on some another server and in that case you will have to ulter your MX entry in DNS zone for that perticular domain.You can have multiple MX records for a same domain and it will check for MX record set with priority.

Lowest number will receive mail first that is lower number will have highest priority.

1)You will have to login as a root in WHM

2)Go to the option called DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone

3)Select the domain from list and edit that domain
You will see the entries like 14400 MX 0
mail 14400 CNAME

4)Suppose you want to change MX to point to the ip then you will have to do the changes in MX record as 14400 MX 0 14400 A

5)Save the chnages and remove the entry for from /etc/localdomains.

6)Edit the /etc/remotedomains file – this tells Exim to not handle mail for this domain.
vi /etc/remotedomains
Add the domain name to this file.
Save the changes.

7)You can check the changes done in MX record for the domain at



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