Can You Avoid Being Tagged as a Fool This April? Backup Your Stuff Before it Vanishes

Can You Avoid Being Tagged as a Fool This April? Backup Your Stuff Before it Vanishes

“Stop acting Fool by conveniently assuming that nothing absurd would happen, secure a backup before it’s gone with the blink of an eye”

Before we proceed any further, let’s take a look at some global statistics about incidences, causes and scenarios that resulted in a loss of data.

Global Statistics for Data Loss-Chart1

Global Statistics about Causes of Data Loss

After going through this statistical data, do you still consider backing up data as a casual affair. Well most would still keep doing the same mistake consistently until disaster strikes.

Despite the availability of highly advanced automated tools, human resource, technologies at the disposal, the below is observed:

Global Statistics for Data Loss-Chart3

Data Sources : National Archives & Records Administration in Washington Richmond House Group Gartner Group Carbonite

Data is the core of any business enterprise, its very existence and availability decides the success or vice-versa, hence it is of utmost important to implement a data backup and recovery system. Here’s an article by Microsoft that can help you with creating a backup and recovery plan.

So Let’s Not Be An April Fool this year. Let’s all back up our critical digital documents before the end of this financial year and celebrate the World Backup Day on the 1st April.

Share this info. with your friends and family – contribute by spreading awareness about the importance of backup and data protection.

Come, Let’s All Take a Pledge to Secure our Data on World Backup Day!


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