Can a Growing Business Learn from Nature ‘Tree’ – A Unique Approach

Can a Growing Business Learn from Nature ‘Tree’ – A Unique Approach

Did you ever give a thought if a Business Growth Could Resemble a Tree?

Every business organization, firm, enterprise that is setup, revolves around a core desire ‘GROWTH’. Such a business would either follow the steps that a pre-established brand followed or be a trend-setter and others would follow.

Whereas few struggle to find a right mentor whom they could follow and attract success for themselves. But, in this race most entrepreneurs usually overlook the fact that nature can be one of the best mentors.

This article is a unique approach towards enhancing a business continuity and growth plan.


In a growing phase, businesses concentrate specifically on operations (which is quite correct though) and try to serve the needs of the respective customers segments hence ensuring customer satisfaction. Do you really feel that this is enough for any company to reach the peaks of success ? Not really in my opinion. You’d only be able to go upto a certain level after which the growth loses pace.

At this stage most entrepreneurs fail to come-up with solutions to clouding vicious circle. If you fail to find a fruitful solution at this stage, a chain of problems starts to take shape which may grow with time. This is one of the stages of a business life-cycle where you tend to reach stagnancy and the best approach to dealing with it is redesigning your marketing strategy. You need to ensure the delivery of your company’s core message to your customers.

One of the best examples can be found in the nature itself. Think of a Tree which also in its growth phase. Got the idea ? 🙂

Didn’t really relate to it ? No problem …..

Let’s categorize the parts of a Tree like Roots, Trunk, Branches, and

Leaves. Now, if we try an relate it to any business, the roots would form the very purpose of the business which involves your core strategy. All your business activities cannot be served or fed well if the roots aren’t deep and spread wide. This is something that is going to serve and hold the entire structure above. But, without the trunk, do you think there’s any value to the branches and the leaves it holds, no right ! and vice-versa.

So, if we consider the trunk as your brand and investments as branches, you’d realize that both these entities are in accordance with the development of your brand laying a strong foundation for the entire structure.

Remember, your trunk ie. your business forms the core of this entire structure. It’s crucial to help grow your brand at each stage by investing more into activities that can help you reach to a large volume of consumers. Here, focusing on the right consumer segments can help you create a strong foundation and delivering the correct brand message to the customers.

Once your branding efforts are justifies, only then it’s provide nourishment to the other business entities just like the branches of a tree. If the trunk is able to support the branches well, only then each branch would speak/resemble the brand well.

The later step to business growth is covering a larger ground that supports the growing structure. With right exposure and the right atmosphere you can nurture your brand. Every broadening organization should increase their investments to ensure the cumulative growth.

With the strengthening foundation at the root one can expect a better continuous brand exposure. It is only then that the branches would stay healthy, all credit to a strong trunk and deep reach of the roots below to fuel the growth above.

Nature in my opinion has a lot of things to offer, provided you have the eye to identify the good !

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