Buying A .UK Domain – Complete Guide

Buying A .UK Domain – Complete Guide

It’s just recently that the .uk name service was introduced by Nominet – a non-profit organisation responsible for managing the UK namespace. Since the registration was made available, more than 50k domains were registered in merely 24 hours.

The new shorter SLD ‘.UK’ offers enhanced benefits to the UK businesses, while Nominet has plans to roll-out additional benefits such as security in UK namespace – address verification, malware monitoring and digital signature.


Making a choice of an SLD – Second Level Domain

If you are registering a .uk domain name from us, you agree to abide to a contract with us and Nominet as well, as it’s the registry that manages these domains.

Registering your domain name

You are required to furnish your exact details by filling-up a small application form.
Currently, you are eligible to register the domain for a period of two years.
NOTE: Review the details twice as any correction would be charged extra by Nominet.

Once registered, you are expected to abide to our terms and conditions.

.UK Domain Renewals

As stated above .uk domain name(s) can be registered for a period of two years, the registrant must renew it every two years to retain the domain name. The renewal can be made six months prior to the date of expiry. Though, we’d send you reminder emails for the same, just incase you miss it.

Cancelling a .UK domain name

If sometime during the timeline you choose to discontinue the domain name and wish to cancel it, you’d need to send us a formal notification send from your registered email address with us. We’d only then initiate the procedure.

To read more on .UK domain registration FAQs visit here. or you can visit Webhosting UK and initiate a live chat.


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