Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Website Speed

Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Website Speed

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source applications available. Whilst officially touted as a blogging platform, WordPress is a flexible application that can be used for a number of purposes, including as a CMS for an ordinary website. Through the plugin and theme repositories, you can design and adapt WordPress to function in pretty much any way that you would like it to, a key factor that means no two WordPress installations are the same.

The speed at which your website loads can be a huge factor that can affect whether or not visitors to return to your website and their overall experience. It is important to recognise that over time the speed of web applications can slow down, so here we have put together some plugins that can help you to optimise your WordPress website to provide a better overall experience for your visitors.

WP Super Cache

WordPress is a PHP-based application and under normal circumstances, each time a request is made to view a page on your website, your web server has to work to process the PHP scripts that power WordPress in order to produce the HTML that is eventually rendered by the visitor’s web browser.

Compared with HTML pages, PHP scripts put a higher load on the server and so reduce the number of requests that can be handled simultaneously. WP Super Cache works by caching the processed HTML versions of pages that are frequently accessed so that when requests to view these are made, Apache is able to serve the HTML versions rather than process the PHP scripts once more, therefore resulting in a dropping of the load placed on your server.

WP Database Optimizer

Over time you will probably have added and deleted posts from your WordPress website and perhaps even experimented with plugins. If you explore the database running your website, you will probably find that these old posts and experiments have left behind a lot of database overhead that is unnecessary and isn’t being used.

With WP Database Optimizer, you can speed by your WordPress website by removing these database entries. You can set the plugin to run on a schedule so that any new but useless entries are cleared out before they have a chance to build up once more.

JS and CSS Optimizer

Depending on the theme that you are running on the frontend of your WordPress website, you may have a lot of Javascript and CSS calls being made with each page load. A lot of requests for a single page load can result in your web server slowing down and for the most part aren’t necessary.

JS and CSS Optimizer is a solution to these issues by combining multiple Javascript files and CSS files into single files, therefore reducing the number of HTTP requests that are necessary.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Images can be one of the biggest components of your blog, but they can stand to use up a large part of your web space and bandwidth. When a visitor accesses one of your posts that contains images, they will have to wait for the image to download in order for it to be viewable and so they can have an impact on page loading times.

EWWW Image Optimizer will work on images as you upload them, as well as existing images, to produce a file that will be of a far smaller file size and not only will this free up disk space, but will also improve the loading speeds as images won’t take so long to download.

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