Banned Site Re-inclusion in Google

Banned Site Re-inclusion in Google

The Google search engine is a great source of site traffic for any website so it is essential that your site is included in the Google index to ensure maximum traffic from it. However when webmasters violate the Quality Guidelines laid out by google, they can get their site banned from the Google’s index.

The site’s non inclusion can mean two things

1. Your site may not have been included yet, even though you have submitted an inclusion request, probably due to the Google Sandbox filter. Here it is normal to wait some time before being indexed for the first time as you can’t do anything to speed the process but wait.

2. You have been excluded from Google’s index because of violation of Google’s Quality Guidelines on your site. This can be a real nightmare for any SEO and you will need to take some steps to correct this situation.

Re-inclusion steps to follow

The first step to analyze after you discover that you has been excluded from Google is why. You need to know what violation took place on your site and accordingly correct those mistakes. Check for links to link farms and links with bad neighbours, for doorway pages and keyword stuffing.

After analyzation, contact Google with a re-inclusion request. Go to Google Sitemaps and from the Tools menu on the right, select ‘Submit a Reinclusion Request’. Next, read carefully the instructions and explanations, fill in the required data and submit your request.

After you submit your inclusion request, there is nothing more you can do than to fix your errors and wait patiently for the answer.

Though the process of submitting a reinclusion request is pretty straightforward, there is some general advice, which can help you. While submitting the request for re-inclusion admit your errors and fix them. Be polite and reassure them that this is not going to happen again.

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