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Bandwidth Exceeded Message..

Bandwidth Exceeded Message..

How to modify the Cpanel bandwidth exceeded page message. This page is shown for clients automatically when they run out of bandwidth.

Bandwidth counts are reset every month.

Login to the server as root in SSH.

This will make a backup copy of the original file incase you need to revert back

cp /usr/local/cpanel/apache/mod_bwlimited.c /usr/local/cpanel/apache/mod_bwlimited.c.bak

Then type:

vi /usr/local/cpanel/apache/mod_bwlimited.c

509 Bandwidth Limit ExceededSearch for the line n in the file and change it to whatever you like carefully.

Save the file and now client will get message that you have set when they exceeds there bandwidth limits.

Root users can change bandwidth from root WHM with the option called View Bandwidth Usage >> Limit (Best Fit) option for that particular domain or user.

Or Client had already used his all the bandwidth, then he/she can purchase a extra B/W for running month or upgrade his/her plan to next higher plan.


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