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Todays Web world is woven out of links. It is a known fact that one of the most important factor for high rankings, especially with Google, are links. In today’s search engine optimization, exchanging links with other websites is a good way to get good PR.
More inbound links to your site (i.e link from others site indicating your popularity) the better for ranking, whereas more the outbound links from your site to other, more can be the danger and it is not appriciated as it can be disastrous, if you link to improper places –  ( bad neighbors ).
It is adviced to check for where you link, as linking to sites with bad reputation is equal to a crime for search engines and by linking to such a site, you can expect to be penalized as well.

Who are bad neighbors ?

Sites which are purposely trying to boost their ranking by using illegal techniques such as keyword stuffing, duplicate content (or lack of any original content), hidden text and links, doorway pages, deceptive titles, machine-generated pages, copyright violators, etc. are all blacklisted and can be termed as bad-neighbor.

How to Figuring out ?

Since the Web is so vast and so constantly changing, how can we know who is good and who is bad? The first check you need to perform when you have doubts that some of the sites you are linking to are bad neighbors is to see if they are included in the indices of Google and the other search engines, just type the url of the sites you are doubts of, and see if Google returns any results from it, if no result is displayed then the site must have been banned from google and you should immediately remove the outbond link for that site to avoid banned from google. Doing a link exchange with a website that is penalized can have some detrimental results.

You can check who are your Bad neighbor if any at :


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