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Analyzing your log files :

Analyzing your log files :

As a webmaster you must be aware of the importance of your log files, you should examine it’s several variable on regular basis even try to study them on daily basis. It helps you to ensure that your site design and page optimization is on the right track.

*) Analyzing entry path :
It gives you some idea of the main pathways that clients take through your site, both for monitoring the effectiveness of your page optimization and conversions, and for the purpose of subsequent site redesign(s). A good starting point to track the pathways through your site is via the graph or chart called “Entry Paths” in your log files / site statistics.

*) Analyzing Top Exit Pages :
These are pages from which most visitors click away from your site. Exit pages can tell you:

# If there is a technical problem with the page that is causing visitors to leave your site. Eg : broken links on the site, bad navigation, form on the page not working

# Having links to external sites that are inducing clients to click away before buying your product or signing up for your newsletter.

# If there is something on these pages that is encouraging visitors to leave your site. For example, an unprofessional design or confusing layout.

*) Most Requested Page(s) and Top Entry Pages.
Tracking these pages is key to measuring the success of your SEO campaign. If your optimization is effective, the Top Entry Pages and Most Requested Pages should be those that you have optimized for target keywords.

*) Page refreshes :
Why are visitors refreshing pages on your site? Are the pages not loading properly? The “Page Refreshes” variable is another one to monitor on a regular basis via your site stats.

*) Referring Domains and Referring URLs :
Referring Domains will tell you what sites are linking to yours, while Referring URLs will list the actual pages where the links are located.
In terms of an SEO campaign, these links can all add to your site’s overall link popularity, an important factor in the ranking algorithms of many search engines Monitoring these metrics can tell you if your site requires a link-building campaign or help you measure the effectiveness of various online and offline advertising campaigns.

*) Search Engine Referrals :
This is a good variable to track to help you keep up with how many search engines are listing your site (both free submission and paid submissions), how much traffic they bring and whether to renew your paid submissions.
You should try to get atleast 30% of traffic via search engines.

log files are very valuable resource and digging them on a regular basis will eventually give you a rich success.


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