An Insight on The Primary Features of Magento Hosting

May 26, 2011 / Web Hosting

Magento is an eCommerce web application that is based on the open source technology. It provides with a feature-rich platform for creating and managing an eCommerce website.

The resources and features provided by Magento are also the reasons behind the success and popularity of Magento Hosting. Many businesses make the use of the Magento hosting platform for managing their online store.

In order to establish a successful online business it is crucial to get the necessary resources so that the speed of your website can be maintained and the customers can be provided with a faster and convenient shopping experience.

There are some very crucial features provided by Magento Hosting UK that compliment an eCommerce website in the best possible way. You must have a look at them if you are considering getting into a Magento hosting plan.

User-friendly Environment

The Magento hosting plan provides with a simple user-friendly environment that enables the customers to have a convenient shopping experience. Both, the customers and merchants derive benefits from the efficient and improved shopping cart provided by Magento Hosting UK.

Customers can easily add multiple orders to a single transaction. The online merchants can add multiple web pages so that the content can be enhanced and the customers can be provided with a better picture.

The user-friendly hosting environment provided by Magento enables the merchants to monitor the online transactions in a better way and gives a pleasant  online shopping environment to the customers.

Multiple Store Management

Multiple store management is another attractive feature of Magento Hosting UK. You can create and manage multiple stores for a one single product. These stores can have different prices, different languages and they can be created for different locations from one single admin panel.

In this case you will also get different reports for each store with the respective customer details. As your online business increases, unlimited products can be added and support for multiple currencies is also provided.

Automatic currency conversion is the best part of multiple store management as it makes it very easy and less time consuming for the customers to shop on your website.


A Magento hosting plan enables the online merchants to customize their website according to their preferences. The Magento codes can be easily customized in order to ensure optimum performance. Even the large product databases can be managed efficiently with less effort with Magento Hosting UK.

A Magento hosting plan enables the efficient management of the the three most crucial aspects of your online business – customers, products and the online transactions.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization is the most crucial part of any online business. Creating an impressive online presence is highly important for getting a competitive edge and also for creating a better market standing.

Magento Hosting provides you with inbuilt tools so that a better search engine ranking can be obtained. These SEO tools will help you to get more traffic to your website and there will be a uniformity in the online promotion of your website.

If you own an online store than getting into a Magento hosting plan will prove to be a worthwhile investment for you as it takes care of the most crucial aspects of an online store.

This feature rich hosting platform will complement your online business in the best possible way thereby facilitating business expansion. Make the use of Magento Hosting to get the fast pace, get the competitive edge and create a better market position.

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