An Insight on ASP.NET Hosting and The Plans Supported By It

An Insight on ASP.NET Hosting and The Plans Supported By It

As the spectrum of internet is widening, many business owners are exploring new opportunities to expand the business through their websites. The number of business websites is growing and therefore the web hosting companies are striving hard for providing the right web hosting solutions for the right people.

ASP.NET hosting is one of the most powerful hosting solutions that is frequently offered by the web hosting companies. ASP.NET hosting provides with a dynamic framework of hosting comprising of a wide range of benefits for the users. Here is more information in order to distinguish among some of the most frequently used hosting options that are available with ASP.NET platform.

ASP.NET Shared Hosting

The shared website hosting plan enables the providers to allocate a specific part of the server to the user. In this mode of hosting the website owner who purchases the hosting plan is provided with a fixed amount of disk space and bandwidth and other hosting configurations are also fixed.

A shared web hosting plan would not allow you to host any other program that would be required to ensure the smooth functioning of the website. With the Windows shared hosting solutions the users can host the websites with the ever-popular Windows Operating System and technologies like Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.NET infrastructure, AJAX along with MS SQL, MS Access and ODBC database connectivity are also supported.

Powerful control panels like Plesk / DotNetPanel are offered with shared ASP.NET hosting plans; these control panels comprise of all the useful features for creation and maintenance of your website pages.


VPS hosting is based on the virtualization technology for ASP.NET hosting. It offers a dedicated instance of a Windows Server operating system that runs with the other VPS on the same server. It provides with a fully isolated server space to the users.

Full fledged VPS Hosting plans provide with a complete range of dedicated resources like bandwidth, disk space and memory. These virtual private servers are powered by Hyper-V. A Hyper-V Windows VPS works similarly like a standalone physical dedicated server; therefore it is also considered as a close alternative to dedicated server.

Every Windows VPS can be efficiently managed with a Remote Desktop access and has its own System Registry. ASP.NET hosting when combined with the VPS hosting plans offers total control, power and flexibility which most users desire.

ASP.NET Dedicated Hosting

ASP.NET dedicated server plan is a very comprehensive hosting plan that suits the hosting requirements of small and medium sizes. Therefore if you are using applications that require higher resources, it is preferable to host on a dedicated server.

A magnitude of power and flexibility is offered with the Windows dedicated servers. Dedicated server hosting is a relatively costlier hosting plan however it should be considered as an investment as the best performance is guaranteed.

ASP.NET hosting is a very powerful form of web hosting; however in order to get complete benefits it is essential to sign up with the best ASP.NET host. You must ensure that the ASP.NET host is offering with features like server monitoring and 24/7 technical support.

With the appropriate ASP.NET hosting plan, managing the business website and expanding it will become much easier and higher efficiency will be guaranteed.


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