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An Insight of Alpha, Master and Traditional Reseller Hosting

An Insight of Alpha, Master and Traditional Reseller Hosting

Reseller plans are the best ways to enter into the Hosting Business. It allows you to earn maximum profits with keeping the investment to the minimum level. Many users have earned good profits after being Reseller of hosting services. This has also attracted others to enter into this business. Reseller Hosting gives you the opportunity to start your own business with the infrastructure and other facilities which are offered by your Hosting provider.

Considering the increasing popularity of reseller services, hosting companies added new features and started providing varied types of plans to attract new customers.

UK Reseller Hosting

Different types of Reseller plans offered by Hosting providers are mentioned below.

Reseller plans (Traditional Type)

Cheap Reseller Hosting plans allow a reseller to create multiple shared packages under his main account. He cannot create another Reseller account under the same account neither can he give the same privileges to other accounts. Reseller can earn good amount of profit if he plans the profit margins well yet offering ample resources for small users.

Master Reseller plans

Master Reseller plans are a step ahead of the traditional Reseller plans stated above. In Master Reseller plans, the main account holder has the privileges to create multiple Reseller accounts under a single account. Reseller accounts created under his account will have the same privileges similar to what a general Reseller would have. For example, a user can create multiple Shared accounts and resell those further after adding their profit margins.

Alpha Reseller plans

Alpha Reseller plans are a step further ahead of Master Reseller plans. Here the main account holder has the privileges to create Master Reseller and Reseller accounts. Features on those accounts will be the same which are mentioned above.

Our Services

We as one of UK’s topmost Hosting providers, offer different types of Reseller plans depending upon clients requirements. Client does not need to build any infrastructure or have a separate team of technicians to provide support his end users. We will provide 24X7 Free Technical support to you and your clients.

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Addons that we provide

You may come across situations where your customer might want to register a domain name and you have no other option than to redirect them to some other company that offers domain registration services. Inorder to tackle such scenarios, we at Web Hosting UK provide a Free Domain Reseller account with all our Reseller packages, so this allows you to register domains on behalf of your clients. Hence further offering you to earn an increased share of profit.

All these features combined together can help you emerge as a sole and independent Web Hosting provider.

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