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Advantages of Mobilizing Your Website for Smartphone’s and Tablet’s

Advantages of Mobilizing Your Website for Smartphone’s and Tablet’s

As a business website owner,  you need to see that the reality of building a successful business is not just promoting your products and services by performing the typical activities, but it’s all about being engaging with the right audience, at the right time and at the right place. Also, you need to be innovative in today’s competitive world and act as per the on-going and new trends, as the competition is getting tough day-by-day.

Why Didn't I Build a Mobile-Friendly WebsiteEvery day the world is growing rapidly along with the continuous development and various emerging technologies. Internet is among such areas that have experienced tremendous growth and development, since it emerged.

In old days, people used to have a static HTML website, however, now with the development of Internet the way of creating websites has changed. Today, people are able to build more dynamic websites that are powered by the most popular server-side web programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, JSP, etc… and using the modern-day client.

Slowly, the age of controlling the computer systems for accessing the Internet is turning down and who knows; in the near future it might go into extinction. Nowadays, it’s the age of Smartphone’s and Tablets, where more and more people are using their smartphone’s and other devices to connect to the Internet and operate several things. Here, you can see how people use their smartphone’s and tablets to access various sources.

The usage of smartphone’s and tablets to access the Internet has become higher, thanks to the inventor of such devices. Unlike before, these mobile phones and other similar devices has made convenient for people to access the Internet from anywhere and have access to various things such as emails, online shopping, watching TV, searching web for websites and information, watching videos, online sales, etc… Hence, as a website owner, webmaster or a blogger it is wise for you to optimize and mobilize your website for mobile phones, tablets and other similar devices with Mobile Website Builder and go mobile.

There are several advantages of mobilizing your website for smartphone’s and tablets. Some of them are listed below:

Website Builder

Above 30% Increase in Website Traffic

Researches’ conducted by various firms in the Industry has shown that around 80% of the people use mobile and tablets to access the Internet from their phones. Therefore, when you mobilize your website for smartphone’s and tablets, you will see an increase of over 30% in your website traffic. This is because the numbers of mobile internet users are regularly increasing more than the computers.

Retaining Mobile / Tablet Visitors

In order to retain the increasing number of audiences to your website, it is necessary for you to mobilize your website. Suppose, if a visitor visited your website from his iPhone and found your website / blog seems to be annoying when accessing it via his/her iPhone. The visitor might not return to your site/blog as there are plenty of alternative websites optimized for iPhone.

In such a case, don’t you think your website should be optimized for mobile devices?

Improve Ranking on Google Search Engine

Mobilizing your website for mobile devices helps you in improving your website rankings in Google search engine.

For example, if a visitor searched for something in Google search engine through his smartphone or tablet, in the search results those websites will be shown first that are well optimized for mobile devices and are ranked higher than those which are not mobile friendly. Blog owners whose income source is Google Adsense won’t want to ignore this, as a fact that the more visitors you achieve from Google search engine, the more chances you have to earn from Adsense.

Generating More Revenue

We all know that, most of the people develops website to earn money. Just think about it, by not mobilizing your website for mobile devices, how much money are you missing?

For example, imagine I use a Google Adsense account to monetize a blog and found that over 40% of my Adsense revenue is generated via the mobile AD unit. So, you can see that how much revenue I could have been missing.

Big Websites are Going Mobile

If you are not pleased with the above reasons, there is still a big sole reason to optimize your website for mobile devices and that’s sites like,,,,, etc… are going mobi to cope the mobile users.

After watching all the above advantages, do you want to be one of those webmasters missing all these benefits? If you don’t want to be one of them, then it’s time to consider building a mobile-friendly website for smartphone and other mobile devices with WHUK’s GoMobi Mobile Site Builder.

GoMobi is a new innovative mobile-friendly website building service offered by in partnership with dotMobi. There are various features offered by GoMobi mobile site builder and helps you build a mobile version of a website that is compatible with more than 6,500 mobile devices.

Hope you find this helpful.



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